Negative Campaigning

Ardwulf claims to be for Order, but can we trust a man who lives a double life? Where was he when the forces of Chaos stormed Stonetroll Keep? Where was he when our Dwarf allies were routed at the Mourkain Temple? He was at Mount Bloodhorn, playing at being a Greenskin. When the call to war comes, will it be a Bright Wizard that answers, or a Black Orc?

Ardwulf is a friend to orcs. Is he a friend to the Emperor?

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: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Negative Campaigning”

  1. Now…don’t get mad cause he took a break…

    (Or is he writing about EvE online because he is SECRETLY playing the other side and wants to throw everyone off…/ponder)

  2. A shiver went down my spine when I heard that he voted no for funding the war effort against the forces of Chaos.

    I also heard that he has ties to the domestic Greenskin terrorists known as the Da Bloody Sun Boyz.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

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