A Fable

My gamer buddy Andrew was late to my wedding reception. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I thought I had more time.” His wife looked irritated, but we just had to laugh.

Andrew had perhaps the worst time management skills in the world, a bad trait for a gamer, when there is always another shiny a few minutes further along. Or maybe he just always underestimated how long things would take. Whatever it was, his line was invariably, “I’m sorry, I thought I had more time.” We would occasionally hear it as he ducked out near the end of an instance, as he headed off to some event or late to bed. Mostly his wife Sharron heard it as he finished his playing with us. Many a night, as he was shutting down TeamSpeak, we completed it for him in chorus as his connection closed part-way though. Did you get the dishes done while I was out? “I’m sorry, I thought I had –” Honey, we were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago. “I’m sorry, I thought –”

Andrew was 24 when the crash happened. Sharron raced to the hospital when she got the call, but Andrew never made it. 24. I wonder what he was planning to do; we never discussed career plans much. I wonder how many more hours he would have spent with her instead of us if he had known. We never really meant it when we said those would be his last words. He didn’t even get the chance to say them. I’m sorry, Andrew, we thought you had more time.

: Zubon

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  1. Zubon this is Friday, what are you trying to do to me?

    Very reflective, we have little time on this Earth, we really should make the most of it.

  2. *sigh* I’d planned to spend my Friday night gaming.. now it looks like I’ll be spending it with the girlfriend.

  3. Thanks, Zub. I was honestly just moaning internally about not being able to play tonight because of other plans, and wanting to back out.

    Now, I’m reminded why I shouldn’t.

    Thanks man, and my condolences even if this isn’t current affairs.

  4. Thanks for the truly moving story.

    We have a bit of a moto in my casual guild that didn’t carry to much weight till I just read this: “IRL 1st” Your and Sharron’s loss will hopefully move gamers in a way that could some how make it worth it. Thank you.

  5. That was amazing. I thought this would be a geek joke or something, from the website design and everything.

    Stumbling this. Amazing story.

  6. Wow, that’s a little unsettling. I was actually going to play Warhammer tonight, but now I’m going over to my girlfriend’s.

  7. wow… truly inspiring. Now i just wish i had a girlfriend so i could spend more time with her.

    damn, seriously dude, im so sorry.

  8. He was late for one appointment when he saw the train. “Oh no.” he thought “I’ll never make it in time now.” That’s when the thought occurred to him. “I bet I can beat the train.” His foot pushed the gas, the warning lights were flashing, but he didn’t notice. That’s when the train hit his car…… May his last words burn in your heart. “I thought I had more time.”

  9. remember that he chose to live his life, i hope, as he found enjoyable – to all those saying “i’m now going to to spend time with x”, be sure that’s how you want to spend your time

  10. More time.

    So many people have all the time in the world, but they don’t use it.

    I hope everyone reading this gets the right message – not necessarily ‘spend more time with others,’ but ‘spend your time how you truly want it to be spent.’

    I hope I have more time.

    All I can do is hope.

  11. Stumbled, took me a second read to get it… it kinda makes me think how much time i have wasted on games… I still need a few more emeralds in order to use time stop.

  12. I thought I had more time.. I’ve said this so many times. not related to gaming but in general, i have always ‘though i had more time’… this is the real reason why time should be spent correctly. Keep a good outlook on life, at least he died in the middle of doing something he loved…

  13. It’d be the ultimate homage to him if “I’m sorry, I thought I had more time.” was engraved on his tombstone.

  14. “anon
    Oct 11th, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    did he drop any good loot?

    Go home, anon. You’re not welcome here.

  15. that was beautifully written, and i’m sorry for your loss. really knocked me on my ass and made me consider how many hours ive spent in front of my tv instead of with my friends. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. this just made me sad. just broke up with my girlfriend so this makes it double as sad… sorry for your loss.

  17. This is something that makes us all think, about how we really don’t know how much time we have left.

    At 24, you think you have all the time in the world.

    My condolences for your loss, and for everyone that loved him.

    It was beautifully written, and thank you so much for sharing.

  18. I hate to feel like a broken record, but definitely a wow, stop and think about it sort of story. Thank you for this, and I hope I can use it as an eye opener. The time we have really is precious, and I’m sorry for your loss.

  19. The title of this is “A Fable” Is it a true story, or merely a reflection on how we need to spend our most important asset on the most important things in life?

  20. Stumbled. Moving article. Now im guna go call my family and friends and tell them i love them! lol

  21. “Is it a true story, or merely a reflection on how we need to spend our…life?”

    Does it matter?

  22. Moving and sort of inspiring. Many of us think we have more time than we do. Chances are some of us posting here might not see another sunset, thus i guess we better get off our asses and make something of our lives. Just dont forget, what is life if you do not have time to stand and stare…

  23. Perhaps hanging out with you was the way he wanted to spend his time. It clearly took precedence over other activities. Spend your time the way you enjoy it, but make sure those you love can accept that.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  24. Very sad indeed….

    But im still firing up Call of Duty 4 and ignoring my wife tonight hehehe.

  25. All the time in the world, it seems,

    but only for a moment do we truly know.

    Life, family, friends.

    only these matter in the end. remember always.


  26. Very touching story, even if that’s all it was. A nice reminder to us hardcore gamers.

  27. Dude, I’m truly sorry for your loss, If its worth anything, It’s truly made me think things over. hope you’re doing alright

  28. yah know.. i game, i game a lot. i enjoy it. i have a girlfriend i enjoy her too. she always tells me i’m wasting my time playing games. stfu, its a hobby. if i died today i would have wished i could have more time enjoying my game!! if whatever you are doing makes you happy.. then it is not wasting time… my dad fished every day. and when he died, people were like.. ” i just wish duane could have had a few more hours to fish before he died”… i think that gaming is a lot more sane than torturing and killing fish for a hobby. BUT you will never hear anyone say when i die, “BOY i wish jason could have had just a few more hours helping his guild before he passed” what a messed up story to push a personal agenda… and by the way, i don’t have to drive three hours for a gaming trip.

  29. I stumbled here too…
    Wow man… as a hardcore gamer i know what thats like. really puts things into perspective ya’ know? Thank you Zubon. and my condolences

  30. Wow. As many others, I just stumbled on this. And, as many others, the second paragraph knocked the wind out of me. Beautifuly written. My condolences.

  31. Well, for everyone out there who dont have significant others. Game it up abd no one gets hurt.

  32. I, too, ‘stumbled’ onto this and it moved me almost to tears.

    What a great tribute to someone who was obviously tremendously close to you. I hope he’s found the time that he always thought he had and is using it to stay close to all those that were close to him.

    RIP Andrew.

  33. As I have heard from many people: ‘Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’. I’m sure he always did what made him happy

  34. I just did not see that coming. Masterfully written. RIP, Andrew.

  35. that’s a great parody of the fresh prince joke. there’s no way that’s a true story and all you fucks getting emotional and compassionate have fallen for one of the internet’s stupidest memes bwahahahahaha epic lulz

  36. Funny how I’ve had this saved under a tab in my browser thinking I’ll get around to reading it, not realizing how short it was. Finally at 1:05 AM, contemplating suicide, I take the time to read it… it’s shitty…

  37. josh, if you read this at 1:05AM, how did you comment at 11:07PM? keep contemplating that suicide bro, i hear its the winners way out

  38. It’s called TIME ZONES. The blog displays one, he lives in another. Encouraging suicide is never funny, someday someone might listen to your stupid words.

  39. I stumbled upon this, it reminds me of myself “Well I thought I had more time”. Hope I don’t end up like that.

    R.I.P. poor gamer.

  40. Jesus, this was so profound. I’m almost in tears. Game on Andrew, you have all the time in the world now.

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