Good Response Time

Credit to Mythic, responses to issue have been timely. Early server clones, spammer updates within a week (and SpamMeNot recommendation in the meantime), leveling rate updates, a variety of bug fixes, and assorted post-release tuning. They are doing a great job with first month tune-ups, much of which is a credit to the state in which the game released.

I am expecting some new patch and a big announcement this week. This is purely based on timing: the free month is almost over, so you want to get people to stick around another month. Give them a bone, give them hope, and you have another month to work out any issues.

They seem to be doing this without a test server. I have this horrible vision of a Herald update: “We have taken servers down to resolve a bug that deleted any character that attempted to log in under the last patch. We have already restored deleted characters and are working on a way to deal with the rollback to the last full save point.” Or maybe I am just having EVE flashbacks there.

: Zubon

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  1. There is a test server I believe. While I have not been on it since launch, the closed beta server was converted into the “Elder” test server to serve as the post launch test server. Unless this has changed, the closed beta server is there, yet not open to the public and under NDA.

  2. First off love the site, added it to my own blog roll.

    Secondly, I have to commend Mythic as well as to very responsive to the consumers requests, but this worries me as well a little. Once in a while they have that problem where the fix solves one problem, but creates 2 more problems which are worse then the original, remember the ‘R’ debacle, and other things.

    I also got to say there are some things they are neglecting that REALLY need fixing, like the mail issues.

  3. I agree, so far they have shown a definite openness to listen and solve problems. Which is good cuz, well, they need to.

  4. yeah it’s good, Turbine seemed to do a good job with LOTRO in the same way. Of course both companies also have the same problem- each fix makes more problems. Since last week’s patch I crash every 15 minutes at least. It is so infuriating I want to smash my monitor.

    And yet I log right back in.

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