Zealot at Level 10

See the Rune Priest. Some differences appear at later levels, but they are almost the same class at level 10. Instead of a big stick, the Zealot has a dagger before him along with poor Yorick.

Zealots seem rare and/or difficult to kill. They are the only class for which my Engineer does not have “kill 25” completed. I assume the other options win out. If you want a healer, you can be a Disciple of Khaine (redefining overpowered) or a Shaman (great flavor, green death ray). If you want to play Chaos, you can summon demons from your hoverboard, turn your arm into blades and tentacles while shouting “Tetsuo!” or play the only armored knight-looking class in the game. “Slavering cultist” is less cool, as is the special mechanic “a buff.” They do have the advantage of being nearly invisible on the battlefield except for the characteristic slouch and dagger slash.

As a healer, the experience differs because the number of tanks does. Destruction has too many tanks while Order has too many ranged DPS. My Rune Priest ran a scenario in which the allied team was all Bright Wizards and Witch Hunters (one of them above level 5). My Chosen ran a scenario in which his team was five other meleers. These are only slightly unusual. As a healer, I prefer teammates who can survive the few seconds I need to notice damage, switch targets, and cast a spell. The Bright Wizard is blowing himself up even before two Marauders start mutilating him. The slavering cultist likes hiding behind meat shields.

: Zubon

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  1. This is only halfway off-topic, but the DoK isn’t completely overpowered. Sure, in tier 1 we rock the entire battlefield, but this really calms down during tier two and seems to settle right in with the other classes in tier 3. In tier 1 I could post top damage and top healing in a scenario (read overpowered) but by tier 3 as a healing spec I struggle to compete with zealots and arch-mages. (and this is while only posting a couple k damage per scenario)

  2. My secondary character is a Zealot and the survivability is true, at least so far. During Tier 1, I could capture flag points by standing next to the flag base and just shield & heal myself.

    Now in Tier 2, my Zealot is still damn hard to kill, but at the same time it’s about equal effort on my behalf to kill anyone else.

    I literally did a 5-minute combat standoff with a Warrior Priest until we both waved and walked away in opposite directions.

    One other note, we’re invisible? It’s a distinctive posture compared to a bunch of dwarves and elves that all look the same. There’s nothing that Zealots can be mistaken for, but I still have to stare a bit to tell apart one robed elf from another (ugh, robed tanks? You’ve got to be kidding me).

  3. Both completely fair. The two melee healers rock in tier 1, but drop from being deities soon after that. Healers drive who wins in tier 1; more healers will probably win. We had a scenario in which the opposing team had three level 11 Warrior-Priests. We discussed leaving before it began.

    On invisibility, compare to the other two healers: guy out from with swords and little green man with green death ray. But yeah, I mentioned in the Chosen in tier 1 comments that the Destruction classes are far more distinctive than the dwarf or elf classes.

  4. Yeah, my Zealot rarely ever gets beaten 1v1. Their survivability is pretty amazing. However, for me to kill anything it takes quite a while. I am hoping they blossom a little more with Harbinger abilities and Rituals once I go further down my Mastery line.

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