Kill Collector Ten Rats

Why does a game with “kill collector” NPCs have Kill Ten Rats quests? And why did they add more, repeatable Kill Ten Rats quests as a way to make things less grindy?

Come to think of it, why have the kill collectors? Just increase how much experience you get per kill.

: Zubon

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  1. the point of the kill collectors was so you wouldn’t need as man kill 10 mob quests, you just go killing and doing other quests, come back and they guy says “oh you killed 10 wolves? cool there’s a bounty on them here you go” so you wouldn’t have to go kill them all over again if you already did. And it was already repeatable.

    So I’m not sure why they added quests like that .. they’d be the opposite of the intent of the kill collectors. (I haven’t seen the new quests yet just going by your description).

  2. Well some of the Kill Ten Rats quests lead you to the PQs, so I find those helpful and pretty much unreplaceable. There are others that are kinda goofy, like Kill Ten Watchmen to make some Empire guy turning evil feel more comfortable with betraying his friends… it makes sense, but at the end of the day it is a Kill Ten Rats quest.

    Personally, I haven’t minded so far because it usually goes so fast, and 90% of the quests seem easily soloable.

  3. “Come to think of it, why have the kill collectors? Just increase how much experience you get per kill.”

    Less busywork ftw!

  4. I agree, up XP and remove all Kill Ten Rats style quests. Running back to click on the little man with the green book is an epic waste of time.

    If they want to lead people to the PQ areas, they can just make some other quest point there.

  5. The Kill Collectors “top off” at about 50 kills and, most of the time, when you meet that quota, you’ll get a tome unlock of some sort (which gives more experience, a potential new title, an item, a Tome Tactic Point, etc., etc.)

  6. Yep, as I have so miserably found out, those Kill Collectors are just giant grind quests in disguise. I killed some goblins making my way through an area to find a kill collector who rewarded me over 3k XP for killing a few of them. Thinking that this would be a great way to get XP while I wait in queues, I start grinding the easy enemies (2 levels below me, I could almost 2 shot them on my sorc) and come back a few queues later and turn in for 12k XP. I think, “wow, definitely worth it, better than running everywhere doing quests for a measly 3k.” So I go grind a bunch more, at around 60XP per kill mind you (they’re lower level). Come back. 500XP. So I go try killing a few more just to stifle my suspicion and the kill collector wouldn’t even reward me. Joy…

  7. As Morbus said, the kill collectors aren’t just about adding experience to your daily grind. They mainly lead you to tome unlocks which in turn grant you a tactic “Fragment” For example: You kill 50 or so of the scorpians in the blighted isle, then turn them into the kill collector in Adunei, you will get a tome unlock called “A Pinch to Grow an Inch” And you will get a one of those tactic fragments, this one in particular is for bestial tactics. If I remember correctly, after you collect 10 bestial fragments you can now approach any animal 50% closer than before before they will aggro on you. Then there are two other tactics you can get by collecting 20 then 30 fragments. Every notice how your tactic slot starts out as 1 career tactic, 1 renown, and 1 tome? There you go.

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