The Power of Flavor Text

Most of the Order and Destruction classes echo each other. The Rune Priest and Zealot are pretty clearly the same class with different coats of paint. Take a Bright Wizard, substitute “dark magic” for pyromania, and you have a Sorceress.

Other classes are clearly the same but sure feel a lot different. Take the Engineer and the Magus. You get it when I tell you that the turrets and the summoned demons are the same; the graphics are different, but you see how a “flamer demon” and a “flame turret” line up. Except that the flamer demons lines up with the grenade turret, and we’re just getting started.

My Engineer throws Acid Bomb: they burn and take away your Corporeal resistance. “Glean Magic” is a soul drain, doing exactly the same thing with Spirit damage and resistance, but getting your spirit sucked by a demon summoner seems a fair ways from an acid burst. You get the same switch between a Sticky Bomb and infecting the enemy with a Seed of Chaos: either way, boom. Does Surge of Insanity feel like a Flashbang Grenade?

The Greenskin and High Elf classes tend to mirror each other, but no one is mistaking a Swordmaster for a Black Orc, a White Lion for a Squig Herder, or an Archmage for a Shaman. Well, until the last two pull out their death rays, then they start to look a bit alike.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “The Power of Flavor Text”

  1. Oddly enough, the White Lion is not the mirror of the Squig Herder. The WL is the mirror for the Marauder, and the Squig Herder is the mirror for the Shadow Warrior. They just mixed around the pets to keep you on your toes.

  2. @Josh: I wish Mythic had done more of that to keep gamers on their toes and keep the all to often direct comparisons in check. Have mirror mechanics cross class yet still available. No one compares the WL and the Maurauder because it isn’t obvious.would mean for a lot less QQ. For example, why not pair the BO with the WH? Have stances work towards the MDPS. Give the SM a combo point system for tanking.

  3. The WL is the mirror for the Marauder, and the Squig Herder is the mirror for the Shadow Warrior.
    What implies this? Shadow Warrior and Marauder both have stances. White Lion and Squig Herder both have pets. You seem to believe that the ranged/melee DPS bits trump that. Is the double-sprint that exciting?

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