WAR makes me want to…

Warhammer Online makes me want to play more Guild Wars.  It’s a very weird feeling.  I have a brand new, shiny, nice MMO that I really enjoy playing, and I keep thinking about Guild Wars PvP and the PvE content I have yet to play.

Warhammer Online reminded me a lot about Guild Wars when I started playing. The feel of the skills, combat and PvP (especially with body blocking, at which I feel I am quite skilled at using) really hit home. Prior to Warhammer Online’s Open Beta, I had been playing Lord of the Rings Online and Team Fortress 2 pretty evenly. Guild Wars really had not been touched, except for the occasional 20 minutes of Alliance Battles and the festival events. I had honestly moved on from primarily playing Guild Wars until such a time when ArenaNet will announce exactly how the Hall of Monuments will give rewards in Guild Wars 2.

But, thank Mythic for bringing me back to the light. The Open RvR is far too different than anything in Guild Wars, so I think it was largely due to the scenarios in Warhammer Online that made me pine for the quick, spiky action of Guild Wars PvP.  I am probably going to take week-long sabbatical from Warhammer when Guild Wars Costume Brawl gets re-released for Halloween.  I really didn’t think Warhammer Online would have any competition for my time until 2009, and it’s a weird feeling when you are so wrong.  Feels like blowing the dust out of Nintendo cartridges.

5 thoughts on “WAR makes me want to…”

  1. Guild Wars PvP is also quite polished and plays well.
    Graphically I think GW looks better also.

    Lets us know how the fun goes.

    GW and Age of Conan have been my choices as they feel fast, visceral, and realistic with movement while in combat (dodges), body blocking, and non-gear reliance..i.e: SKILL.

    I love it.

  2. Hmmm… if AoC does indeed feel like GW (moreso than WAR) I might have to try that out in a few months. I think I will give FunCom and Mythic awhile longer, respectively. ;)

  3. Man oh man I know how you feel. After years of angst with GW (I have UI issues that have since been resolved) I finally got the whole shebang (all the GW boxes) and was ready to roll when WAR came along. And for the jump-in-kick-ass-jump-out MMO vibe that GW does so well, it seems that WAR almost makes it obsolete.

    But, you guys certainly know better about GW than me so I reckon I have more delving to do there before I write it off. Her subtlties I must explore… :o

  4. Guild Wars is awesome. I played it for 3.5 years. The only reason I went to WAR was because I was looking for something different. WAR is neat, but Guild Wars is a hell of a lot better. I think the only thing that will knock GW off the top of most fav games list is GW2.

  5. I have had Guild Wars for almost 3.5 years now, but it was not until about 3 months ago I actually really started to play it.

    It is really a quite nice game. It is the first MMO-type game where I have liked the PvP part.

    I have yet to try Warhammer Online though. When they do a free trial for it I might give it a shot.

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