Guild Wars Halloween 2008

For a non-subscription game, Guild Wars has some fantastic holiday-like events that run through the year.  My favorite is by far the Guild Wars Halloween festival ith the runner up being the Dragon Festival.

Two of the cities, Lion’s Arch and Kamadan, are completely outfitted with tombstones, skeletons, and other Halloween-themed graphics. The circle of glowing mushrooms by a 2-story witch’s cauldron is a player-favorite meeting place/ dance zone. Farmers kill thousands of the denizens of Tyria (read: raptor babies) for Halloween candy and absinthe drops.

There are two jewels that make this festival rise above the others. First is the appearance of Mad King Thorn and his candy corn soldiers. The Mad King comes every few hours (this year on October 31) to play a deadly game of Simon Says, and hand out a festival hat. For a game that is often criticized as lacking community, this is a great time to meet hundreds of festival goers in the “persistent” cities.

The second jewel, is the one I am most looking forward to: Costume Brawl. Costume Brawl is a random 5v5 PvP game which is an amalgamation of capture point and deathmatch (it most closely resembles Guild Wars Hero Battles without the Heroes). The catch is that each class has a set skillbar. So if you enter as a Paragon, you will share the same skillbar with every other Paragon on the field. It is a great change of pace in a game where the player’s build can be so critical. This year they are adding a new map to the Costume Brawl game.

It will be another great Guild Wars festival, and I fully recommend dusting off your copy of the subscription-free MMO for the fun-filled weekend.

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  1. As a new Guild Wars player, I am definatley looking forward to this festival, and all other ones in my subscription accounts.

  2. Yeah they are popping up across my feeds. Tabula Rasa, WoW, EQ2, etc. I would love to hear about some of the other ones from fellow bloggers as a lot of them sound really cool.

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