The Weekend in Warhammer

Is that magnet ability everywhere in tier 4? The Magus and Engineer can get a magnet at level 29, if they put all their mastery points towards it, so you see a bit in tier 3. The magnet, for those who have not seen it, pulls every enemy in 65 feet (“medium range”) to the caster and snares them for 4 seconds. The caster can also hit his AE root immediately, making the snare redundant. 0 casting time with a 20-second cooldown. Have teammates cast AE spells (or location-based AE DoTs before you cast it): 5-10 kills in about 5 seconds. This is awesome if it is on your team. If it is not your team, and the enemy team has two level 30 Magi with the ability… It works through keep walls in open RvR. The only defense is to stay at long range or have high Willpower and hope for a resist.

My Engineer is ~27.5 right now. I get an AE knockback ability at 28, from mastery points, which will only take ~3 hours. I have not had any interesting new abilities except from my mastery tree since level 20, and that one was at 22, so in one sense I am looking forward to that. In another sense, I gave up grinding, so it is a matter of how long it will take me to get around to that. If I am enjoying scenarios, rather than being magnet bait, I could do it in a night. I can get that Electromagnet ability at 29, another 6-10 hours, if I give up my Grenadier tree.

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Mail: I wrote this post while getting items from 4 letters on an alt. According to the State of Game, the mail system was designed to work well as long as very few people used it.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “The Weekend in Warhammer”

  1. The Magus unfortunately, is very underplayed. And worse, many of the players who did roll with a Magus seem to think “OMGZERS AOE! HEAL ME WHILE I RUN IN!”

    The Engineer on the other hand, seems to attract players who employ subtle tricks. It’s probably not an easy class to play, but it’s attracted some devious players.

  2. I am not really sure what Mythic were thinking with the insanely over powered abilities on very short cooldowns.

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