Exit Survey

I was reminded recently about exit surveys. When you cancel a subscription, some game companies will ask you why, what was missing, etc. This makes sense to me, although it needs to be in the format “Your account has been canceled. Would you please tell us why you are going?” rather than making it seem like the exit survey is a requirement of the process (or worse, actually making it required).

I was surprised that Warhammer had no such survey, but then…

City of Heroes has a survey that was good but has become particularly inapt over time. There is a section asking if various things would help lure you back. About half the list has been implemented, but the question set remains the same. Nothing says “your feedback is important” quite like a survey that is more than a year out of date.

: Zubon

Are you worried that the upcoming Marvel game will distract Cryptic’s attention from City of Heroes? Yes / No / Undecided (Not an actual question.)

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  1. Thanks for noticing this. I’ll bug Ex. Sorry to see you go from CoH. But you’ll be back. Eventually. Well, probably. I mean, at least you’ve got to try out the mission creator when it hits, right?

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