Celebration System

Let’s hit the wayback machine. I don’t just want a ding, I want a lot more. I want an entire celebration system. No more of this “little graphic and audio effect” nonsense. Give me fireworks that shoot 100 meters into the sky along with Ode to Joy, as if this were Peggle. Send a message to my group, the zone, and my guild. Keep a permanent journal on my character that commemorates the moment with a time stamp, what put me over the edge, and a note about how awesome I am. Then have the nearest NPC send me a letter in the mail reminding me of how awesome I am, for the next time I hit a mailbox. And think of some more ways that the game can tell me just how great it is that I leveled. If I hit the level cap, have a statue that looks like me (at least when seen from my client). Ooh, better: have two lines of them along the path to the main castle (or whatever), with the number of statues set to the number of characters you can have on a server. If you cap all your characters, they all see lines of YOU YOU YOU OH SO AWESOME as you ride into the castle.

Also, give me a menu option so I can toggle all that crap off, at least other people’s meaningless ding spam. I mean really, this is all about me, not them.

: Zubon

That statue idea isn’t half bad, really.

9 thoughts on “Celebration System”

  1. Why stop at levels? How about the game makes a global announcement on every server every time you vendor an item? Or everytime you get a critical hit? The possibilities are simply endless…

  2. Once you get your mount, every once in awhile while you travel down the roads a booming voice should shout “Checkpoint!”

  3. Instead of levels (it’s not really that much of an accomplishment) it would be great to see that for achievements and titles. especially hard to get titles.

    WAR tends to announce things to people in the area, of course it’s so much it turns into spam.

    Maybe different levels of achievements, and ones that are only moderately difficult would be announced to people in your area, your party and guild. But really hard ones would tell the whole server.

    I know in WoW when a player gets exalted with Thorium Brotherhood the npcs at Gadget yell it out to everyone. But that’s only if you’re in the area.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! How about text messages sent to everyone on your cell phone contact list, declaring your indomitable gaming skills and sexual prowess, as well as a digital coupon for a free McGriddle meal (with a LARGE orange juice)?

  5. Yeah, Grish that’s what we need fatter stereotypical MMO players… ;)… Although, I wouldn’t mind a McGriddle with every ding.

  6. Wait…this doesn’t mean I’ll have to take down my statues, will I? I just finished making the payments on them…

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