Expansion Anticipation

For those of you looking forward to an expansion pack: do you like item/treadmill resets in general, or just the idea that you can run a bit longer on this one? You can just make an alt if you want to grind again.

I am not fond of rising level caps. I already have the option of paying extra to start over.

: Zubon

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  1. Personally, I like the raising of a levelcap. I think a reset every year or two is nice or else the treadmill at the cap becomes too much, but that’s just me. I prefer vertical expansion to horizontal.

  2. The problem with horizontal expansion is that one can’t solo raids for gear upgrades. When the majority of the population is at the Sunwell Plateau gear level, new players coming in on non-heroics are going to have a near-impossibility catching up. On the other hand, if there aren’t gear barriers to control pacing of content consumption, explorers and achievers will burn through it all in a couple months and have no reason to continue their subscription.

    Myself, I’m looking forward to new solo & small-group content, seeing how the new mechanics work out in a group setting, and considering returning to ATitD.

  3. Rising level caps unnerve me. But then I’m not the average gamer. Probably far from it.

    I look forward to expansions for new takes on something old and new spiffy systems and innovations.

    I’m mostly curious about Moria’s Legendary Weapons system and the whole Underground world shebang. The thought of having to grind through 10 more levels makes me want to run away screaming – especially since I’m stuck somewhere at 44 or 45, I misremember.

    For Lich King meanwhile, I’m just interested in hearing about the new spins and riffs on quests, aerial combat and other such features. Note the word ‘hearing.’ I considered getting into WoW, just about the time the level cap was going to rise from 60 to 70. I promptly gave up the thought – since it meant playing catchup on the endless hamster wheel – as a really bad idea.

  4. For me, the best expansion pack for an MMO was the first one for Dark Ages of Camelot, Shrouded Isle. I’m not sure exactly why. The new lands were certainly nice enough, but I think it was the addition of significantly different classes and races that gave a real change in playing experience. When I tried the animist for the first time, I knew I’d found my home.

  5. Come to think of it, Jump to Lightspeed also added an entirely new way to enjoy the game.

    Too often expansions just offer more of the same, just with slightly bigger numbers, which I think is what you’re getting at.

  6. As always, it depends. I have some Sunwell gear, so mudflation won’t hit me until level 75 or so. Of course, it also means that half of the leveling experience in WotLK is basically looking at the experience meter to slowly fill up. And I know that eventually I’ll just be clearing Icecrown instead of Sunwell.. or Naxx. The numbers change and the models are different, but the experience is essentially the same.

    That’s why Quantum Rise seems more interesting, even if the changelog is smaller. My character will continue to be as strong as he is now, he’ll just be able to do more stuff.

    And I find it odd that gear resets are somehow thought to “equalize” the field. It’s like wanting to have additional starting lines every 100 meters in a 5000-meter run to make a fair competition between a sprinter and a long-distance runner. Sure, a sprinter might beat a long-distance runner momentarily, but the sprinter is still more likely to tire much faster and drop out of the whole race than the long-distance runner.

  7. I don’t see much point in raising level caps for expansions.

    The player time-investment should be in new classes / races for alts, plus more endgame content. If the content is good, anyone who’s worked to get to max level will still pay for it, in fact I think adding levels drives a small segment of players away.

    Frankly, I think most current MMORPGs should lower their base levels to begin with.

    Let’s get the rat race out of our entertainment please, we have enough of it in our day-to-day lives.

  8. I love LOTRO, but the level cap raise really makes me cringe. I would rather devs create new mechanics and new ways of delivering content… than more of the same with different numbers. I too am stuck at 45 in LOTRO, and I know my guild is going to shoot from 50 pretty fast, which makes me want to play even less.

  9. The way I see it: Do you find it fun? Does it keep you entertained? Do you grok it and enjoy it? Does it let you play with your friends, or solo depending on what you want? Is it neat?

    If so, play it. If not, then don’t. The rest is just ornaments.

    Seems to me (and I’m -really, really- not basing this on any of the comments above, just a general observation) that we tend to decide based on labels way too often. We hear there’s a grind, and we automatically shut that down without even trying it, for example. Yeah, maybe the grind is a grind, but maybe it’s fun grind you don’t mind going through. Are there not quests and questlines that we absolutely detest, and others that we adore and don’t mind doing them over and over again with alts? That’s why we don’t say “Ah, quests? Fuck it then. I hate quests”.

    There is granularity and even the things we ‘hate’ a priori, they don’t have a smooth surface of pure hate. It’s a rugged surface with ups and downs of things we hate and things we don’t mind.

    I’ll try the expansion simply because I have a lot invested in WoW already (not just 4 characters to 70, there’s RP and years of storylines with some of them too. The addition of Northrend is a kick in the ass that revitalizes that RP), but I’m not sweating over the bullet points. This is not to say that I just take whatever they hand to me without sizing it up; it just means I’m not discounting any bullet point outright.

  10. “The way I see it: Do you find it fun? Does it keep you entertained? Do you grok it and enjoy it? Does it let you play with your friends, or solo depending on what you want? Is it neat?

    If so, play it. If not, then don’t. The rest is just ornaments.”

    Pretty much this. I may not understand why players herd back to WoW anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect their position on it.

    As for level-cap raises, it makes sense for LotRO in terms of the story and the progression of the game. But I’ll never get why WoW forces it… why not just consistently offer new high level content, and add in mid-level stuff to keep old Azeroth alive?

    Instead they keep stretching the boundaries between new players and old, which forces them to further tirvialize the leveling process by making it shorter and shorter.

    EQ2 is suspect of this as well. I don’t dig.

  11. I’m mostly looking forward to playing with new game mechanics, like the Death Knights and the additional talents in the existing talent trees. I’m not particularly looking forward to the level grind, which I find to be the most pointless part of the game, but at least this time it’ll be more… I dunno, Warcrafty, instead of space goats and blood elves in crystal spaceships IN SPAAAACE! Not that that wasn’t fun, but it’s good to get back to the roots. Plus, it’s all about killing undead, which I’m up for.

  12. I agree with Bildo that it makes sense. I know my brother though has very similar feelings to your Zubon and doesn’t want his gear to reset so he quits. I personally think the journey is more important than the destination (in fact I’m not interested in the destination at all) So exploring new content that may be the best made underground adventure and simulation of Moria or possibly some fun new dungeons sounds great to me. Secretly, between you and me I never bother to max out my gear because I know its pointless. However I still raid just to see the fun boss fights if I can, and the story and ambiance.

  13. I dislike raising level caps, but I dislike level caps… and generally leveling in the first place. It’s an artifact deeply ingrained in our gaming past that’s unlikely to go away, but I like to delude myself into thinking that we’re moving closer to an alternative. A different advancement metric, gating, and reward system that ditches the whole level system altogether.

    Yes, its a fantasy… but don’t dispel the illusion, please.

  14. I’m highly annoyed that LOTRO is raising the level cap. I’m also annoyed at the changes they’re going to make to the combat system in which they’ve pretty much stated the level cap will continue to increase.

    But then, I’m not a huge fan of levels to begin with. They do more harm than good, all in the name of easy design.

    Screw levels, just give me plenty of content in various degrees of difficulty and let me group with anyone at any time regardless how long any of us have been playing the game.

  15. I look forward to expansions more for the new races, classes, and areas. Being an explorer I like to go new places and see what’s where.

    I’m really looking forward to Moria. Initially just because of the new areas, the Mines of Moria were always a favorite part of the books. As the release gets closer and I’ve seen more information on the new classes, though, I’m just as excited to try out a Warden and a Rune-Master. Lore issues aside (for the Rune-Master) the game play mechanics for both look really interesting.

    Level cap increases don’t bother me much. I just recently hit 50 in LoTRO, which is the first MMO I’ve hit the cap in ever (only 45 in WoW and 30 something in CoH). I do think companies need to be careful about raising the cap too much and too often, since it spreads players out more and more. There are ways to mitigate this some, my personal favorite is the City of Heroes system of side-kicks and mentoring.

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