First-Best/Second-Best, at the Theater and in Open RvR

I have mentioned before that second-best might demand movements further away from first-best. That is, if you cannot get exactly what you want, the next best thing might be something very different rather than something close. You might prefer PB&J to a ham sandwich but prefer ham to jelly alone, so if you have no peanut butter you can improve your situation by moving further from PB&J.

This weekend, the top two US movies were High School Musical 3 and Saw 5. Thought completes itself, including that proviso.

If I might surmise about the preferences of many WAR players, open world RvR at its best is better than scenarios at their best, but scenarios as they are available are better than open world RvR as it is available. If I might surmise about the preferences of many former WAR players returning to WOW, WAR RvR at its best is better than WOW PvE at its best, but WOW PvE as it is available is better than WAR RvR as it is available. For those people, for both, respectively.

Or, if you are a CoW, open RvR rocks.

: Zubon

The HSM3 note reminds me: I recently learned, through no fault of my own, who the Jonas brothers are (don’t Google it). If reality betrays me like that again, I may never leave my basement.

5 thoughts on “First-Best/Second-Best, at the Theater and in Open RvR”

  1. I can see how RvR is supposed to be fun. However, none of my RvR experiences have approached anything I’d actually call fun.

    In its current state it requires first that enough players on both sides show up.. and second that they engage the actual siege mechanics rather than just stand out in front of the Keep and zerg until they determine which side has more players organized for focus-fire.

    Getting those two elements together.. I think the rarity of guild type is high. A guild made up of bloggers that are heavily enthusiastic about RvR just might be able to do that. I’m also not surprised that it “was fun in Beta” given the inquisitive nature of Beta players.

    The rest of WAR’s population is screwed. No wonder we all queue for Scenarios. This is a game that needs the majority of the player population to jump through the right hoops in just the right way in order to entertain itself.

  2. “This weekend, the top two US movies were High School Musical 3 and Saw 5. Thought completes itself, including that proviso.”

    Two films that I have no desire to see, ever! Talk about extreme ends of the movie spectrum. I’ll stick with the happy middle.

    I’m not going to give up on War RvR just yet. When I can find some, it’s as delicious as a ham and jelly sandwich.

  3. Good post BUT:

    What about people that just have to admit they don’t like PVP? Old issue for me. Stopped DAOC, stopped pvp’ing in wow, stopped WAR. See a trend? I thought I would be getting the best of all worlds. The population (how people chose to play), thinly spread servers (way too many), and lack of pve/pvp balance did me in. The clunky interface, buggy animations, poor sound and combat clipping/ warping get old after a while.

    NOT ripping WAR’s PVP at all, it is the best on the market. However when I can hit up a balanced game that offers a little of all that with 4 years of content and pimped out capped characters, it just couldn’t hold me in the end. I missed my PVE, it is just what I do.

  4. I don’t need Google to tell me who the Jonas Brothers are. I have an 8 year old daughter who introduces important people like them to me all the time. My *favorite* one of them is Bonus Jonas.

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