A Message from Mrs. Oz

My wife became a citizen this year, which means she can now vote, and for the past few months has been asking everyone she meets (and I mean EVERYONE, including random people at the store) if they were going to vote. Yes, she has an opinion on which she likes, which she does not push on the people involved, but is completely filled with glee that people have an opinion. The country she hails from had a mock political system, that offered only one party, one candidate for leader, which was part of a ruling family that bankrupted the country. The ability to choose your leader is, she feels, akin to super powers. She asks everyone if they are going to vote, and I’ve learned to simply get out of the way when I hear someone say no. The lecture they get about having a choice and failing to execute it is intense. Do not retort about the “lesser of evils” as she will explain to you about what true evil is – the lack of a choice at all.

Not looking nor will I post to convince you to one side or another – simply employ your right to choose. Don’t make me send my wife over.

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  1. I’m not registered to vote.
    1) I live in Florida
    2) Our votes don’t count here
    3) If I went to go vote, I’d miss out on some fine PvP

  2. I’m not a citizen, just a legal resident. Therefore, I don’t vote.

    My wife already did, however, absentee ballot. I also urge everyone who can do it, to go out and exercise the right to vote for the candidate of your choosing.

  3. @Oz ty for the ncie article, I agree

    @Openedge Florida was the tie breaker for Bush in case your forgetting. Perhaps you mean in the democratic primaries they don’t count cuz they did it at the wrong time.

  4. I would pose this question to your wife. Do I really have a choice when both of the candidates agree on 95% of the issues? Having the right to vote is cool, as long as you have a variety of choices, not pepsi or diet pepsi.

  5. Alternately, the average ill-informed voter is more likely to make a bad choice than a good one. If you vote, there is a good chance that you are making the world a worse place because you do not understand the issues. At best, you are random noise. Reference Bryan Caplan, The Myth of the Rational Voter.


  6. True, you should get information to be informed, otherwise you might as well just draw a picture with the pokey stick.

    In my opinion, the only way you can have a canidate that agrees with you 100% is if YOU were that canidate. You look at the choices you’re given, think about which better fits what you want, and vote that way.

    That’s about as political as I’m willing to get, since posting non-game stuff is impinging upon Ethic’s hospitality.

  7. From my perspective things aren’t really working out very well in the US political system when the amount of choices is pretty much just two and any other candidates seem to be getting rather minimal coverage. Round here we always have at least 3 alternatives that have a chance of getting elected and many more that get equal coverage and I suppose also have a small chance of winning. I don’t think our democracy is working anywhere near perfectly but it sure seems a lot better than what you’ve got in the USA. That said, Obama seems like a great candidate, the top three here usually aren’t that different in policy either.

  8. As long as we keep it to one political thread a year, I’m happy. Direct all comments here. And we’re not even getting partisan! :)

    Here, more unhappiness about the wonders of democracy. As a commenter points out, #1 is true but missing an essential.

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