Candy Corn Meatgrinder

Warhammer Online kicked off it’s Halloween-themed event, The Witching Night, yesterday.  I am usually excited about holiday events found in MMOs because it focuses people and draws them together.  Games will draw people to go trick or treating to the inns across the world, to play rock, paper, scissors with a mad demi-god, or even eschew the pagan festival for a happier harvest celebration.

In Warhammer Online it draws people together so that they will kill each other.  Last night I logged on and immediately flew to Black Fire Pass and joined the first RvR warband I found.  Order controlled the Keep and two Battlefield Objectives, and had pushed Destruction back to the warcamp.  We then started pushing back.  I think that I completely missed the event’s Public Quest, but I did have a blast racking up the Renown (especially since they recently buffed Renown gain from healing).  It was becoming such a meatgrinder at one point that people were running back to the warcamp after being rez’d multiple times to get their rez sickness healed.

Warhammer Online might have too much content.  But, when Mythic places the candy corn (read: carrots) in the right place to unabashedly lead the two sides together to fight over Halloween goodies, it is a beautiful thing.  I hope that the RvR zones containing the Witching Night Public Quests remain this active through the event because I think it will show how much the game can shine.

Someday this war’s gonna end…

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  1. I’m going to post more on this in a bit, but I think the RvR area will only increase in activity as more people hear about it. On Thorgrim, T2 was fairly busy as well, the PQ being completed twice in the time I was online.

  2. Pretty sad that since the T4 PQ is in a locked down zone it was pretty much ignored and the zone was deserted last night. It’s a shame they didn’t pick Dragonwake as the T4 zone so people standing around cuing serpents passage might be inclined to go clash between cues.

    Although I shouldn’t complain too much really because I get the feeling that my server has a very healthy amount of open world RvR in comparison to the situation some people describe on their servers.

  3. what is your guy’s name so we can target i mean wave to you? :)

    yeah it was pretty fun. but I swear we had the morons out fighting on Order side. They would not pull back from the warcamp in t2, and so most of our kills did not count for the PQ and it took forever. So many of us were yelling at them to pull back and they refused. I was so sick of it I threatened to delete all my Order characters and roll Destruction on the same server, because the Empire deserves to fall! Either that or us dwarfs go back to our cities and let the foolish manlings deal with Chaos. And elves? don’t get me started.

    It did highlight one problem, when Destruction finally gave up in t2, we still had only 85 kills, and had to wait and pick off single destro trying to do their scouting quests.

  4. Let’s see…I think the event sucks.

    Everything is fine up to the second phase…but then it goes to shit.

    last night we got to phase two. Instead of being able to kill the Lord..the destro killed him…then when the chest spawned they stood over the chest to make sure nobody from order could get their loot. This did not take skill..all it took was a zerg to stand there and make sure nobody could get a chance to click the chest.

    This was repeated the next time it popped. I don’t mind the PvP leading up to the boss…I don’t mind pvP DURING the boss..but camping the chest is just fucking lame. It should spawn in the nearest warcamp of whichever side won.

  5. I personally think the chest in every PQ is pretty weak. I see no reason to go through the silly motion of clicking on the chest. There are some PQs where if you died on the final boss, you would not be able to run back to the chest in time… if some jerkface refused to rez you.

  6. The RvR won’t stay unless the “candy-corn” stays. But 1.1 in the next few weeks should address that. I hope so, anyway. I’m intrigued to see what RvR Influence does. I hope it’s more than just simply INF gains on killed players. I’d like to see PQs and whatnot become a permanent fixture in RvR zones.

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