The Amount in Question

I went on a few PvE keep raids in Warhammer Online this past weekend.  As a healer (Zealot), when I get in a keep raid without any opposition there is very, very little chance for me to make a contribution to the public quest.  I did my best… throwing my weak energy bolts of Tzeentch at the keep doors and healing for the 30 seconds that the Keep Lord stood.  But, in a warband with a few extra stragglers… I was getting in 20-26th place at each keep in contribution terms.  I would even over-heal, drawing agro from the Lord or his bodyguards to no avail.

Real life hit me for 3-5 minutes after approaching another undefended keep.  I went back to the computer and through busted keep door #1 (which I hit for maybe 2k damage but missed fall). Then through busted keep door #2 (which I completely missed fall).  Up the stairs to our zerg-band, which had the Keep Lord at 20% health on the patio-area.  Healed one or two people.  The Keep Lord died.  And, I got 3rd place in contribution to the public quest.

I am going to have to re-think my healer/weak-DPS strategy during one of my next PvE keep raids…

Want a twinkie, Genghis Khan?

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  1. I am wondering if the system saw me do my “job” as a healer really well when I healed two guys taking damage from the keep lord, and it did not see me suck at damage output while knocking down the keep door.

    That’s the only thing I can figure.

  2. Contribution numbers are messed up. In Altdorf is a PQ where just need to click on 15 items that spawn when it is started. I was showing two friends this PQ. We were grouped. We ran through it once and each of us click a relatively even number of items. Then one of the friends had to go afk. While we were waiting for her to return the two of us did the PQ again. The afk person did not pick up a single one of the 15 items needed but was still grouped with the two of us that did. PQ ended and the afk person had number 1 contribution.

    I have done some other experimenting with this PQ. Ungrouped I have picked up only 1 item and contributed enough to get a bag. Another time I picked up 2 items and was told at roll time I had not contributed enough to roll.

  3. Given that we need to get a gold bag from a keep capture to get the Chestpiece of the RvR armour sets, it is particularly important that Keep captures are fair in how they judge contribution.

    I know one chap, a tank, who’s had 3 gold bags now. He doesn’t want them. He’s got his devastator chest, and would be much happier if someone else got one.

    As an Engineer I have zero chance of ever seeing my Devastator chest and completing my set. It would require far too many people with bigger bonuses to roll truly badly.

    On Saturday, we had the worst thing happen. In spite of our warband having spent the best part of seven hours completing the Witching Hours PQ, only one of us even got to roll. The rest were told we had not contributed enough. It was a complete let-down.

  4. Yeah, contribution is only part of the problem. I know so many times I have worked in a tricky PQ with a small band of people (not an instant zerg-win) and when we finally beat the boss… green bags. Worthless green bags.

    I don’t know what weird science they have that determines if/when a blue/gold/purple bag drops… but they seem too rare.

    And also have a pass option, so like the tank can pass on gold bags he doesn’t want or need.

  5. It’s yet another example of what irritates me about WAR. Good concept…poor execution, which pretty much sums up the majority of the game.

  6. Eh, it’s a bug. Contribution in keep takes is reversed. That is, the less you do, the higher you rank, and the more you do, the lower you rank.

    I’m 1000% certain, and have been for several weeks. Why they haven’t fixed it is beyond me, but its very easy to tell. Join a keep raid in progress…afk until the keep lord, cast 2 dots and rank second. A shadow warrior in my guild did this on of the the overnight sweeps of all 6 tier four keeps, and won first place loot three times. He didn’t help at all until the keep lord and only turned on auto attack for that. It’s totally reversed, I’ll bet my account on it.

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