Jonathan Lee Riches©

Do you know him? He is a legal legend, a bored and/or unstable prisoner who has launched cases against almost every noun known to exist and not a few adjectives. Previous complaints have run to 57+ pages of defendents, including George W. Bush, Pope Benedict XVI,, Nuclear Power Plant, Tony Danza, Magna Carta, “tsunami victims,” “Jewish workers at NBC/Universal,” Plato, “various Buddhist monks,” Denny’s, “Vern Minni Me,” Michael J. Fox, PETA, Liberty Bell… Virtually Blind reports that he has filed a amicus curaie brief in a case against Blizzard. Sadly, the brief is a single page and relatively coherent in comparison with his previous work.

Some suggest that we ignore trolls, in meatspace or online. This one is sufficiently entertaining to be worth noting.

: Zubon

Yes, he really claims a “©” in his name.

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  1. Rich, (Jonathan Lee Riches)
    Your work is great, But your 50 mile a day runs were better. I enjoyed the runs we had in the prison, even though i couldn’t keep up with you after the first 11 miles but it was great. Hope to see you some day again; your old friend &
    cellie Pete telesco, Providence,RI

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