Heavy Metal Learning

Ten Ton Hammer has a great preview of the upcoming Heavy Metal live event for Warhammer Online.  The event is mostly focused on a new scenario, the Reikland Factory, which is availble to all tiers of gameplay.  In the event, players will be given daily tasks, which are completed in the new scenario, and by doing tasks and playing in the scenario you can rack up event influence to get some neat rewards (an event-unique trophy, a defensive cloak, and the chance to play the new classes a week before they are officially released).

I am really excited about this event for two reasons.  First, it is going to funnel people in to killing each other dead.  Warhammer Online, I think, needs population channeling moreso than any other MMO.  Second, and more importantly, I have a feeling that Reikland Factory is going to be what scenarios should have been from the start: quick tutorials on how to succeed at open RvR.  From the article, Mark Davis states that they added more content in the scenarios and made sure to include a broad swath of objectives for all types of play styles (PvE, scenario PvP, open RvR, Tome unlockers, etc.).  This focus seems to take a step away from the current e-sport-like nature of the current “balanced” scenarios and go for a more organic open RvR experience in an instanced content bite.

Turbine, developer for Lord of the Rings Online, put up an interesting article aimed at the Mines of Moria expansion on a game mechanic called a cluster.  In broad terms a cluster is a group of smaller bites of content surrounding the culminating larger, final piece of content.  The aim of the smaller bites of content is to provide a type of learning experience that a player can take with them when they choose to attack the final piece of content.

It seems to me that Mythic is taking this ideal to scenarios with the Reikland Factory to get players involved in a smaller piece of open RvR as they play instantly gratifying scenarios.  I think this is exactly the right move – making scenarios cluster around the open RvR experience.  Plus, more of the enemy (bloggers) to kill is always a good thing.

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  1. This is a good thing. It’s a bit like Alterac Valley in throwing multiple objectives at you (which is why I have always liked AV)the Scenarios in game now have just been rather pedestrian, as you said e-sport types.

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