I had a new roof put on the old homestead. The contractor finished a bit late, but he got most of it done. At least 90% of it is up there, which should be good, since I don’t use all my rooms at once anyway. He has a maintenance plan, under which time is split between building new rooms at the same quality and putting up some shingles in the existing gaps. I am thinking of signing up for the multi-month subscription.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Metaphor”

  1. Why did you bother to get a new roof in the first place? Was there something wrong with the old roof?

    Why not just go without a roof for awhile?

    I mean, it’s not like we can’t live without a roof now and again.

  2. Oops, the fellow made the new roof out of the cheapest wood he could obtain, which is also the yummiest wood known to termites, and subsequently, the roof is full of bugs.

    Additionally, when the rain gets in, instead of working harder to patch the holes in the roof, he installs a drainage system in the floor.

    And he claims his roof construction was the smoothest construction in roof history.

  3. Pfft, forget paying the contractor monthly, pay him off with a SMART loan or one of those juicy subprime beasties. Your monthly payment will be much smaller. Of course, they might change at any time, but it’s not like you really read that agreement you agreed to, right? Rates are at historic lows, so it’s a no brainer.

    Besides, it’s cheaper than renting. It’s definitely cheaper than getting a hotel room every night. (You’re only using the place for a few hours every day, right?)

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