HCB: The Run To 80 – Is Over

My Hard Core Brother (HCB) is going to update me as he progresses on his way to level 80 in World of Warcraft. I will update this post as I get the information from him. He estimates he will be 80 sometime on Saturday. Yes, he took the rest of the week off for this.

Beginning at level 70 with a Retribution Paladin on the Horde side at 11:30 PM on Wednesday night. He claims he started 30 minutes later than he wanted to so he had to play a little catch up with his guildmates at first.

  • Level 71 at 3:30 AM Thursday morning (4 hours to level).
  • Level 72 at 8:00 AM Thursday morning (4.5 hours to level).
  • Level 73 at 12:00 noon Thursday (4 hours to level).
  • 4:00 PM Thursday, taking 2 hour nap.
  • 6:00 PM queue of 600, est. wait time 25 minutes. 30 minute nap.
  • In game 6:30 PM – Level 74 at 7:45 PM Thursday night (5.25 hours to level).
  • Level 75 at 1:30 AM Friday morning (5.75 hours to level).
  • Level 76 at 6:00 AM Friday morning (4.5 hours to level).
  • Level 77 at 10:30 AM Friday morning (4.5 hours to level).
  • Level 78 at 3:00 PM Friday, highest on server now (4.5 hours to level).
  • Level 79 at 6:45 PM Friday (3.75 hours to level).
  • Level 80 at 11:00 PM Friday night (4.25 hours to level).
  • Realm first on Mal’Ganis! He got spammed by so many tells that he couldn’t even do anything so he is off to bed for some much needed rest.

    – Ethic

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    1. Why? It’s a motivation I can’t understand. However, it means a lot to him because his guild plans to start the new raids as soon as they get a group to 80. I’d rather stretch the 10 new levels of content out for a few months. I can’t grasp the enjoyment people get out of rushing to the level cap.

    2. No offense, but that’s idiotic. Pay $40 for an xpac and blast past 95% of the content in the first few days while oblitering his health through sleep deprivation? Yeah, sounds like fun. What’s the prize at the end of that tunnel? Right, a 2 year wait for the next xpac. Woo!

    3. I’m not offended and neither would he be. He is not so interested in the content, he is interested in the rare and epic loot. He enjoys having gear that only a small percentage of players ever get. He enjoys being the first few people to run through and finish a raid. He would also probably not understand how people can enjoy puttering along at lower levels. He can’t see why I stopped playing at level 40. For him, the game really does begin at the level cap. It has always been so. The trip to the cap is the boring part to him and he wants to get it out of the way as quick as possible so he can start focusing on the real stuff like level 80 raids.

      Different strokes for different folks.

    4. The motivation is simple, ego/pride/bragging rights for him and his guild. Being the first guild or first few guilds to progress through the new raiding content is a big deal to a lot of people, as is being the first 80 or first 80 of their class. It’s not like leveling is super challenging either, so setting some personal goal (like be the first 80) can be seen as just adding an extra personal challenge to the process, and why not if you have the time.

      I mean, you know that one guild on your server that was fully decked out in T6 when everyone else was still stuck at Vashj / Kael. Well lots of people want their guild to be that guild and with the raid progression reset that happens every expansion they get their chance.

    5. Different strokes for different folks.

      That’s basically it. If I blew thru the 70-80 content does it mean I won’t go do them again on my alt? Seriously. I seriously doubt that’s 95% of the content though =P.

      If you like taking your time to level, enjoying the sceneries, soaking up the lore, etc hey more power to ya I hope you have fun. That’s why you play the game and how you play the game. If you like to rush to 80 to do some dungeons with your friends, be the top 1-2% players gear wise, be the first one to sell the motorcycle mount etc … what’s wrong with those?

    6. Nothing wrong with getting to the ‘good stuff’ in a game which beats you over the head with ‘get to the good stuff at the end’ over and over again.

      The rush for server firsts, if you have the time/dedication, is certainly one way to play an MMO. I did it back pre-BC, and our guild had a lot of fun pushing into new content. It gives people motivation. Does it mean anything beyond impressing forum trolls and players standing around the bank? No of course not, but if you have fun with it, that’s all that counts.

    7. The next alt can smell the roses. Let the first character run them over with a lawnmower.

      (Roses grow in bushes? Wow, big lawnmower.)

    8. Actually, it seems to me there is some “good stuff” in the quests for Death Knight and, if it’s like the rest of WoW, a few cool chain quests (which you can always go back and do since they require groups anyway) and 95% of leveling is just grinding over and over. There is no reason to NOT skip that part, even Blizzard considers it nothing but a roadblock to slow you down before you get to the “fun”.

      It’s not about not enjoying the road and the travel, it’s not that kind of Game. Blizzard doesn’t care about the road to get to your destination, so neither do I. I save that for LOTRO, and even WAR (since it’s still “new” to me).

      That is basically why, other than checking out the DK quests and looking at what they did with the lore, I have no interest in playing anymore, and only will because my best friend still does.

    9. Is he questing, grinding, or a mix of both? What is the strategy to level so fast. Any particular reason why the time between each level isn’t increasing?

    10. @Merimet: He says he is solo questing pretty much all the way. I was expecting each level to take longer myself. He said he is not doing anything special or tricky, that is just how it’s working out for him.

    11. If he’s doing that solo off quests wow. That means even at a casual pace say 2 hours a night with no guild help you are looking at hitting the level cap in a month or less

    12. Thanks everyone!

      P.S. I already enjoyed all of the content while in Beta, so I didnt need to enjoy it this time around ;)

    13. Has your brother read the story on worldofraids.com? A hard core raiding guild has already run threw and finished ALL available raid content. Blizzard has gone ahead and made things a lot easier to accomplish raiding wise. All hail the age of casual raiding at the top.

    14. Yeah, I heard that shortly after it was accomplished.
      It’s only the first tier (“7”) of raid content in WotLK; more will be released (and quickly conquered) with the next content patch.

      -Leowon of JuggernautGuild.com

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