Death Knight, Fun.

I installed WotLK for my wife and then watched the queue for her. 1600 people and 45 minutes later, I was staring at the character screen. What the heck, I thought I’d whip up a Death Knight to see what they put together before she came back downstairs.

Fun. Damn you Blizzard you know how to make this fun. I had a total and complete blast and finally logged out after a level and a half of pure joy. Even the quest to kill 100 guards was fun. And what is this fantastic new technology that you use to change the state of the landscape with the blink of an eye? I was dumbstruck. I just don’t know what to say other than way to go Blizzard! You really surprised me.

I had no intention of ever playing World of Warcraft again. Thanks a lot.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Death Knight, Fun.”

  1. So the new Phasing stuff does make a difference? Does it help give the feeling that single-player rpg’s do?

    I am looking forward to trying it out.

  2. @Werit: Is that what they call it? I had no idea they had even put something like that in so I was totally amazed. I don’t want to spoil things, but I didn’t even notice they did something at all until I ran around and everything was different. I witnessed at least 3 different phases for the same area within the first level. Good stuff.

    This technology is game changing in my opinion. The future looks bright. I mean imagine having one area that two different sets of mobs and players are using at the same time, with just this phase shift keeping them from seeing each other. That is what this feels like. Totally different uses for the same area. Unreal. I bet they could even put a castle in the middle of a field that you can only see and enter in one phase. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Blizzard knows how to craft it’s gaming worlds. There are alot of detractors out there, but lets be blunt. WoW is the MMO that all others are measured up to for a reason.

    I love WAR, don’t get me wrong. I ain’t leaving it until they pull the plug on me. But I cannot resist the lure of the omnipresent thing that is WoW.

  4. The phasing tech is fantastically immersive. There’s a few minor problems with it (sometimes NPCs react to things that aren’t in phase with you, which is confusing, and your party shows up on your minimap even if they’re not in the same phase as you), but it gives the ability to “affect” the world in a way that you just don’t see in pretty much any other MMO. It’s not used again after the DK starting area until Northrend, but it apparently is used in the last few zones heavily.

    And Death Knights! Man, I have a 70 paladin, all ready to go, and his ass is going to be parked in Stormwind for a fair bit of time. I knew I was going to be playing a DK to 80, but the bug has just bit me hard.

  5. From that article: “Brack gives the example of a quest where a player needs to rescue villagers from a Scourge-infested town. Players who complete the quest will see the villagers they’ve rescued back at the quest hub whereas players who haven’t done the quest will not. WoW Insider’s Alex Ziebart experienced the same after doing a series of quests involving the Wind Serpent Goddess, who appeared for him in town after completing her quests. She was there only for him and wasn’t visible to other players (who presumably haven’t done the quest series). It’s a new way to bring a new experience to players without having to load anything (such as in instances).”

    That doesn’t sound any different from what EQ2 has been doing for quite some time.

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