Pay Someone Else to Play

Despite EVE’s horrendous learning curve, or lack thereof, I still think it is one of the MMO genre’s best success stories.  I am not alone in that time for my hobby is limited, and even playing two games can be a juggling feat.  Some games I wish had a business model that I feel is worthy of me being a customer, and some games I just like reading about.  EVE Online is the only game that I would like to pay someone else to play for me.

It would be simple, really.  I would pay for the subscription and some sort of stipend, and like some Dick Cheney, I would sit in the shadows and “guide” my employee on how to play the avatar.  In return they would give me a complete actual play multimedia gaming feed.

This month, I would say during our Sunday night meeting, I want you to be a drug smuggler.  For the first half of the month, I want you to get your ducks in a row.  You know, build up a clientele and find your smuggling routes.  The second half, I want you to live a little more dangerously.  Take some risks.

Maybe then for the next fiscal quarter, you will became an agent inside an enemy corporation.  Make your way up the corporate ladder playing the good little, helpful guild member.  Then strike with a fury of a billion isk.

After that, who knows?  The single-server universe is the limit.  Of course, my employee would get bonuses for a satisfactory job (both in-game and in the actual play feed content) and some degree of control.  I just need this MMO experience compressed from the hobby-style time-consuming Las Vegas buffet to a one-bite peanut butter-coated grape wrapped in brioche.

Maybe the last humanist.

4 thoughts on “Pay Someone Else to Play”

  1. EVE is really great for casual players. As long as you keep the skills training, your play time is shaped more by your brains and ability to think than by how much time you have spent grinding l33t gear!

  2. Hilarious. As an EVE player, I can even see the appeal.

    Eve is fairly casual friendly in that respect, however generally doing anything requires money (Isk) and thats where the grind can get you.

    Still, it’s a great game and doesn’t require huge time commitments to ‘get to the fun parts’ like many other MMOs do.

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