A friend has been encouraging me to try WoW. I think he just wants a zebra. I was considering it until I realized what a ghost town the lower levels would be with the expansion pack coming out. Packing invitations for friends in the expansion box seemed silly even before this stuff.

Maybe in a few months, after the initial burst of leveling and raiding, but I see WoW catering to returning accounts from now through Boxing Day. There is not a place for new players. Well, there is, but it is a vast, lonely field at the end of a long queue.

: Zubon

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  1. I agree with your assessment that the lower levels will be a ghost town, but…they have increased the amount of experience you get from quests at the lower levels, so you won’t be spending a lot of time in the old world, if you level at a pretty steady pace. Problem with that, you don’t get to enjoy a lot of the old world, nor get to participate in a lot of the old world instances. Basically, you’ll just zip up to 70 pretty quick and jump into the new content.

    This is both a good and bad thing IMHO.

  2. I dunno, my girl and I had just started a couple months ago (and now we’re already level 60, with a couple 30s because of the x3 exp) and we saw plenty of people doing lower level stuff.

    The achievements have had us going back to see lower level dungeons and find places we’d never been as well. So it’s really not that horrible a time to start. The people we did encounter at lower levels had usually done the areas before, but often were patient and helpful. It was overall enjoyable.

  3. I’m surprised you haven’t tried the quintessential dungeon crawling/gear grinding game yet. Though maybe its for the best, it gives you a different perspective than me and less burn out too.

  4. Having played in the starter areas recently, they certainly are not as crowded as Northrend is right now, but they can be surprisingly active.

    The expansion has drawn people away from alts because there are new lands to explore, but the starter zones still seem to have some life.

  5. With the new Recruit-A-Friend program, the experience comes so fast that you won’t spend any time hardly in the newbie (1-60) zones anyway. It won’t matter that they’re empty..because you’ll be 60 in no time (and have time to make 3 more 60’s before your RAF runs out) and able to get in the Outland, which is more populated.

  6. Agreed, there’s still a bunch of people running around in alts or whathaveyou. See them every day. I assume my server is the norm.

    Hell, I still have a couple of alts in the 40s and 50s.

  7. I’m going to chime in here too.. I don’t know which server everybody in the blogoshere plays on who claims the lower level areas are deserted. True, they’re not as busy as the high-level areas, but there are always players around everywhere I go.
    And the queue went away just a day or two after the release, for me.

  8. Well I’ve been trying to level my 36 Priest, and there is no one my level around. The only people around are level 70’s grinding out rep and killing everything I need to complete my quests. So far, not fun. So my Priest goes on the back burner till this WOTLK mania wears off.

  9. This soloist perspective: Peter, you can always respec to shadow and solo all the way to 80 with few problems. You don’t even have to do instances if you don’t want to.

    Can’t help with the 70s messing with your quest mobs, but if you have a priest trying to level efficiently in anything other than shadow is an exercise in frustration.

    /me has a 71 shadow priest.

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