Because of Different Departments

Long have I believed that Warhammer Online’s Public Quests were a “duh” moment of pure genius… especially on paper. If the hyper-efficient population scattering mechanics were not at work, Warhammer Online could have been the premiere casual PvE game. The premise is simple: get people to play in an area (Chapters) and as they keep running in to each other have a shared goal where it is beneficial (and exciting) for all to play. No quest sharing. No party forming. Just play. This nearly works even soloing as long as you draw in that critical mass.  So how did Mythic’s developer groups diverge?

The lynch-pin, so to speak, is that the PvE Chapters in Warhammer Online give players something to do as a solo or in a small buddy-play group.  I have personally started quite a few successful Public Quest pick-up-groups just by working by myself and inviting those that straggled in.  When I play with my two buddies, the greenskin Git Faced Killas, we nearly always draw a crowd as we go through Public Quests.  It takes time, but I feel it is worth it.

The memo must not have made it to the developer group that made the RvR lakes in Warhammer Online.  There is nothing to do for a soloer except a few menial quests, which consist of run to a Battlefield Objective and run back.  This is why everybody is doing Scenarios.  Your choice is to stand in a warcamp and spam alliance and regional chat OR instantly play some PvP.

Buddy groups, too, are similarly gimped.  In Tier 1, they make it seem like a buddy group could tackle Objectives successfully (some can solo them). Then they add in elite(r) mobs in Tier 2, and it becomes very hard to take Objectives without a full group.  In Tier 3, it can take a full party 5-10 minutes of tank’n’spank to take down the Hero mob.  Increasing Objective PvE difficulty is not the point.  The point is that they had a weak mechanic to allow small groups of players to do something in an RvR lake, and they yanked that away… for balance, I am sure.

I really think that the RvR lakes need to be hopping with more solo/buddy-group content.  Give my Zealot a reason to run around alone in Talabecland RvR until I can find or start a group.  Maybe have some Empire scouts that I can kill and get some small amount of Renown.  They wander around, and you have to search them out.  But, I am there.  Available to RvR.  Available to kill or be killed.  Or how about small Battlefield Objectives guarded by two Champions where you get 100 Renown for taking it?  Mythic, do what you know!

Find hungry samurai.

7 thoughts on “Because of Different Departments”

  1. My entire guild except for one person who is still playing WAR are now back in WoW. The thing that captured us all in beta was the open RvR and that is non existent now. Not keep sieges (though those are also flawed) but the fighting at the open objectives. It was an absolute blast, and now you can’t find it anywhere. So we all went back to WoW, maybe we will be back in a few months when they finish WAR but I have my doubts.

  2. I am curious of Open RVR servers are better or worse because of their openness. I suppose probably not much of a difference because all quest/PQ content is outside of the lakes anyway, meaning more PVP goes on outside of the lakes than in.

    Sadly, Mythic has to funnel. Because you can’t forget the FUN in FUNneling!

  3. Funneling people is especially needed in a game like WAR because simply put… it requires a herd of people to be at its best as a game.

    If they can manage that, WAR will be just fine. But they need to get on it quickly.

  4. So true.

    The best RvR area I’ve seen was in around Chapter 7 in Dwarves vs Greenskins. It was one of those competitive PQ’s, and I spent so long and having so much fun running around messing up the other side’s plans.

    I’m not sure if it was an RvR lake or not since I played on an open RvR server, however if it wasn’t in such a lake, they should definitely put it in one. And also decrease the number of lakes, *or* have the NPC’s hand out extra special rewards for going to particular areas at particular times, to aid that funneling process.

  5. I forgot about those contested PQ’s… there again it’s like the two dev teams failed to communicate. It would’ve made perfect sense to put something like that in an RvR lake.

  6. I think they’re coming. As per MBJ’s oRvR plan posted today.

    They’re needed in T2 and T3 especially.

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