Veruca Salt

From a dear friend at Mystic Worlds:

I do not envy Mythic right now in trying to fix Warhammer Online. Mark Jacobs issued a statement to the community to shed some light on upcoming improvements, mostly related to encouraging Open RVR (oRVR). It appears to have been met with mixed reactions. A portion of players who wanted a game dominated by oRVR, want it NOW. They don’t want to wait the potential months it’s going to take to execute the full vision.

That’s me. And not just open RvR either: I want everything fixed, and I want it now. No, that’s not true, I am perfectly happy to wait months. I want it before I will pay. Mark Jacobs issued a page of promises the last time monthly fees were due. I expect he will issue another in time for the next subscription fees. I have a dozen companies that will happily take my money in exchange for the promise that they will fix things Real Soon Now. Call me when you get around to that.

: Zubon

Read the full post for other good thoughts. That’s just my point.

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  1. I was trying to cancel my Warhammer account a couple days ago, but I decided to give it one last shot. I rolled a race I hadn’t played yet and decided to take my time, I’ve been reading the quest text! I know, brilliant! I’m only level 2 and I’ve played probably an hour and that doesn’t bother me (for once!). It’s a game and I haven’t been treating them like games for a long time; I always turn it into a race I can’t win.

    If you haven’t tried playing and reading the quest text, roll a new guy and give it a shot.

  2. Whoa for making me resort to Google to find Veruca Salt! For anyone else that needs to know:

    The silver lining is that WAR’s a good game that just needs tweaking, Sony doesn’t ditch games over night over subscription problems and…

    I believe WAR can fly
    I believe WAR can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    WAR will spread its wings and fly away… LOL. In a very silly mood. :-)

  3. My Squig Herder is currently running around with a spear as a bow (literally with the spear animations instead of bow shooting, looks really odd). My Squig still behaves erratically. I can still pull mobs cleanly regardless of what’s standing next to them (including pulling Ungors away from their guard dog companions, sheesh).

    This game still has many problems beyond ORvR lacking in fun factors.

    But despite the large lists Mark Jacobs keeps posting regarding their plans, most of it still sounds like incentives than gameplay changes to me. =(

  4. The more I hear about WAR and Conan and all these other startup MMO’s, the more I stay by my rule.


    I’m sorry, but show me a single MMO that was ready to fly at release. Yes WAR has had one of the best releases on record, but it’s still buggy. If in 6 months it’s still a viable MMO and people are still interested in it, I will happily try it out.

  5. I’m not going to trackback anything, but a month ago I made a post about how Rest XP is very broken (not accumulating) and there is a hole in my characters head with the helm non-graphic. Also how everytime I zone I have to rechoose the view/unview cape/helmet options(doesn’t save).

    I waited a month and went back to the character, only to find all of those things were still broken.

    Back to the old “Quick put all programmers on big new shiny things! Don’t worry about little bugs!” which will no doubt introduce “big new shiny bugs” which will no doubt have to be fixed before the “boring old dull bugs”.

    Damn, I was *almost* a fanboi too.

  6. See I knew nothing about this post by him until I read it here.

    Worst idea for an MMO ever. Hey lets not have a single source of info let’s just post it wherever we feel like.

    Yes WoW’s forums can be a bit of a bother with the trolls but hey at least I know where to go for OFFICIAL information.

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