Ozzie’s in a pickle!

Guess what game I bought myself for an early holiday gift? The title should give it away, more than likely. It’s making my MMORPG vacation due to traveling on work so much less painful.

Much geek love for this finally coming to portable. This, Secret of Mana, and Earthbound were my all-time favorite SNES games growing up. I’ve very nearly bought one of those emulator kits for my DS simply so I could play these games. With this release, I see the possibility for Secret to follow (Children of Mana was horribly disappointing) and perhaps, dare I dream, Earthbound. Ness, Randi, and Crono are the three kings of RPG history…

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3 thoughts on “Ozzie’s in a pickle!”

  1. Secret of Mana was my all time favorite SNES game. I actually maxed all three characters just do do it. Did you know that new spell animations open up if you get a spell skill to 99? For example the spell that shoots three fireballs creates three fire serpents.

    The only decent sequal it ever got came out in Japan only. Emulation is the only way to play it in the states, which is a huge shame. The sequals that we did get bit pretty hard, and sold poorly because of it. Legend of Mana (while admittedly very pretty game) had a bunch of utterly pointless convoluted systems and played very little like SoM, for example. The only other decent Mana game to be released here is Sword of Mana for the GBA. And even that pales before SoM, imo.

    I cry myself to sleep at night when I think about it . . .

  2. Secret of Mana is by Square Enix (who owns Chrono Trigger), and also made some other great RPGs like Lufia 2, which sadly came out after I got married and I never really was able to enjoy much. I still have the SNES cartridge locked in my gaming drawer though. Super Mario RPG was another fantastic game (although Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time really handles similar) by them.

    Sadly, Earthbound is made by another company who has stated repeatedly it will never, ever, be released again. Who knows what the dollars will make happen though. Earthbound is just so amazingly wierd…it’s like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of video games.

  3. Mmmmmm… Chrono. That it made it to the DS makes me very happy. Now, if only we can get Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 (SoM2), I’d be in nerdvana. I’m ambivalent about Earthbound, since I never did really get into the game, but I’d still be happy to see it make the jump. Classic games are often better than the trash they put out lately.

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