The Languor Of A Long Distance Runner

When I’m not playing MMOs, I’m taking part in MMOs – Mountain Marathons Outdoors. (Okay, I admit it, that was poor. I was trying to be clever – something my wife repeatedly tells me to stop doing as it never ends happily.) I love running but after getting bored of the usual 5km and 10km road races, decided to find some events that would push me that much further. Mountain Marathons are a two day endurance event where you and a team-mate pack all the stuff you’ll need for a weekend (compass, food, tent, clothes etc) and race across mountains. (UK readers may recall some news items at the end of October about runners getting “lost” in the Lake District during some bad storms – that was one of these events).

Anyway, the point of all this self aggrandisement is a chance to share some photos. Oh, and also to tell you about the last time I logged into LOTRO.

I haven’t played LOTRO in a while now, despite the fact that I’ve got a lifetime subscription and despite the fact that, on the whole, I quite like the game and think that Turbine have done a very good job with recreating Middle Earth and the experience of actually being there. They paid attention to every last detail that was put on paper by Prof. Tolkien.

Right on down to the endless running.

I remember it well in the book. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli running for days on end in pursuit of the Orcs who had captured the hobbits. The film trilogy captured it as well – marvellous aerial shots of the characters as they ran across the landscape. The music from the films became the tune that I couldn’t stop humming while my friend and I ran through the mountains – it became something of a theme as is evident from the picture below:

It’s titled “They’ve taken the hobbits to Isengard!”

So the last time I logged in, I found my character was still questing in the North Downs. I made my way from Esteldin to Nan Amlug and stood at the top of the valley looking down. My destination was the orc camp in Dol Dinen. I took a deep breath and thought to myself “Bugger this!”, hearthed back to the Tavern and logged out. I just couldn’t face the run across the zone and then back again. I couldn’t do it. In real life, if you put a long distance run in front of me then I’ll more than likely say “yeah, why not!” but I just can’t face the prospect of running across zones in LOTRO anymore. What’s worse is that the character is level 34 – one level away from getting his mount.

Funny how things pan out isn’t it?

(Curiously, despite people seemingly on a constant winge about the endless running in WoW, I don’t have the same issue. I’ve always liked running across zones in WoW. Apart from in Hellfire Peninsula. And Nagrand.)

5 thoughts on “The Languor Of A Long Distance Runner”

  1. The area is around Glen Lochay in Perthshire. The first photo is the view all the way to Ben Nevis but it was a bit hazy.

  2. Out of curiosity, did you get your Lifetime Acct by being a Founder or with one of the later deals? If you’re a Founder, you should have a token which gives you a mount (albeit slower than a lvl 35’er) around level 20.

    Oh, and make a trip down here so you can go running through the actual sets. Scotland is nice, but NZ is the real Middle Earth :p

  3. I was a founder. Started playing 3 days before launch. When did they introduce the tokens?

    And believe me, given half a chance I would be in NZ like a shot. It’s a place I very much want to visit.

  4. The Bree-Steed Token came in a few months back (6-7). If it’s not in your inventory, try using /reclaim to see if it reappears.

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