In Honor of Prufrock

I note that Kingdom of Loathing has added a Pair of Ragged Claws and a crab familiar in the past week. And if you do not care, the dolphins mermaids will not sing to you.

Have you used the secret crab emote in Gmail chat? Whee!

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “In Honor of Prufrock”

  1. Hey boy, that’s enough outta you! There’s nothin good to blog aboot. We should start a sex toy shop in Second Life, THEN we’d have something to talk about (and we’d be givin’ them somethin’ to talk about too!)

  2. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get out of my head! I just did a post with dolphins in too and I hadn’t even read yours yet.

    The blog gestalt is really freaking creepy!

  3. Check, dolphins gone. It was a mistake that came of blogging late at night anyway. I blame you. If I had not been in your head, there would not have been distracting dolphins.

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