FigurePrintsOver the Thanksgiving holiday I found out my brother had his rogue made into a FigurePrint so I decided to post some photos of it for those that might be interested in seeing what one looks like when you get it.

The first one is to show scale against the gaming standard, Code Red.

Next we have a front shot, up close.

From the back.

Then of course we have left side and right side.

I had put my name on the waiting list and they contacted me so now I need to decide before the end of the year if I want to have one made of my wife’s hunter or not.

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “FigurePrints”

  1. I’m sure it has to do with the process of creating these things, but the paint job has always turned me away from these figureprints. In all honesty, it looks like they’ve taken printer paper, printed out parts of your character, and just glued it on. The paint just looks flat and pastel-ish.

    It’s a cool little service, just not something that visually appeals to me.

  2. That turned out to be a lot cooler than I originally suspected. If only I had a max level decked to shit in epic phats, one can dream.

  3. Lufia22, it is the process. I believe the material that is used is pretty porous and I believe they use some sort of dot-matrix printing technology. It’s a very cool process, but I agree that the blurry outcome is still a little… wanting.

    It’s still pretty f’n cool to have your own character on your mantle. Just don’t stand too close. ;)

  4. Not bad looking. Still not sure it is worth the money for me… not with my gear, in any case.

    Glad to see somebody else drinking Code Red. I thought it was just me drinking that caffeinated bug juice.

  5. It’s the 3D printing process; if it’s like the rapid prototyping I’ve seen, it’s “printed” in crossections and glued together as it goes. It makes for fairly cheap 3D physical models, but the finish will inevitably be grainy like this. Some machines even print with sugar crystals.

    I’d definitely want a clearcoat on mine, even if I had to put it there myself. It would be better visually and for structural integrity.

    Still, it’s pretty cool to see a 3D representation of a virtual character.

  6. I wonder if anyone’s tried to sand one of these Figureprints. Would it crumble like cheese or smooth out better? Maybe after a layer of clearcoat…

    These things would probably look swell if someone who painted minis just brushed in the lines and brightened the colors up.

    I’d love to try one day, but then I’m the kind of guy who will look at plastic toy robots and think they’d be much better with a touch of mini paint technique. :)

  7. $130 clams… I would have better luck explaining that expense to the wife if I claimed it was for hookers or beer…

    Don’t get me wrong, owning an original l’object d’art is cool, especially if it is tied to you on such a personal level… but I just could not justify spending that much.

    Still…kinda cool. And yeah, clear coat would look a lot better. Wonder why they don’t do that… possible issues with it reacting to the material?

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