Guild Wars 2 Crumbs: NCSoft Conference Call

This is not recent news (the NCSoft conference call was held on, I believe, November 12, 2008), but I had not seen this on the ‘sphere or Guild Wars fansite forums.  Thanks to Sente for the tip on the Guild Wars 2 tidbits in the conference call.

The first interesting note was the marketing strategy for Aion, the upcoming NCSoft MMO currently in beta in Korea.  NCSoft was pretty happy that they did not spend any money on advertising/marketing until the beta dropped.  They just used “buzz and viral marketing” to generate interest for the game.  Amazingly enough, their kooky strategy worked, and Aion is currently enjoying a very popular beta.

Originally it seemed ArenaNet planned for 2008 to be the year of Guild Wars 2 marketing.  Now that NCSoft is trying to bolster their stock, I think that Guild Wars 2 is going to have a similar marketing style to that of the one tauted in the conference call for Aion.  I, and others, have always thought that Guild Wars was under-advertised, and I would much prefer a campaign such as one done for BioWare’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.  But, this does bolster my assumption that when Guild Wars 2 news drops it will be an atom bomb.

The second comment was interesting when an analyst from CitiBank  questioned Chris Chung about Guild Wars 2 launch.  Chris Chung said a Guild Wars 2 timeline was not 100% set because NCSoft was looking at a number of options for the game timeline.  The analyst pressed Chris about a possible holiday ’09 launch, and he said “we’re, we’re certaintly…umm.. shooting for those type of launch schedule.”

This is interesting because it seems that the analysts are not particularly enthused that Guild Wars’ business continues the inevitable decline that occurs when there is no new content to buy, and it seems that NCSoft possibly has “options” to release Guild Wars 2 at different dates.  Money talks, people, and analysts represent big money.

That and the fact that the Zaishen Rewards Calendar only goes to April 2009, makes for some interesting speculation.

The name on the grave is… water.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the Zaishen chest tonics rotate in a yearly cycle. So the reason the rewards chart ends in April is because it will restart with the phantasmal tonic in May. I don’t think that means too much then but it would make May an even better surprise!

  2. We have seen NCSoft has lost direction.
    But, they are savvy as well.
    Focus on the Asian market has been first and foremost.
    A recent article stated South Korea is investing a whopping 200 mill into Online Games
    And what game is the focus of the Korean market?


    So, Guild Wars and the Western Market is second string for NCSoft at this point. So many failures in the North American market for NCSoft probably has them rumbling underneath, and leery of further development until cash flow continues.
    If Aion tanks here, then expect NCSoft to leave the states is my opinion.
    And Guild Wars will be slow coming if that happens.

  3. Citibank? Really? Those guys are desperate for cash because they are neck deep in toxic “assets” like subprime and Alt-A loans. They might not even be around next year. If the GW2 guys are counting on them for funding, we may see some delays still.

  4. A stock analyst is a person that rates corporations and stocks… nominally with a BUY/HOLD/SELL rating. They can make comprehensive reports, etc. so if a heavy hitting mutual fund from CitiBank or elsewhere wants to buy NCSoft stock, a lot of times they will see what an analyst has to say.

    IOW, totally separate from GW2 funding.

  5. I think NCSoft will certainly watch what happens with Aion in the Western market and will probably not make any other releases (i.e. Guild Wars 2) too close to that one.

  6. Your right. Any news on Guild Wars 2 will drop like an atom bomb. I plan to be riding that bomb ;)

    It will certainly be interesting if SW:TOR and GW2 launch around the same time. Two of my favorite developers Bioware and ArenaNet going head to head… I’d be torn.

  7. I am not as surprised as you at the buzz viral marketing strategy – it seems perfect for this and you are proof that it is creating quite a sensation :-)

  8. I know this is old, but I just stumbled upon it and am praying to every god I know of that the GW2 beta is out by winter at least. If ANet is having money issues I think they should put out a release date of the beta at least to bring back the old players and offer out a pre-order (I know Amazon is doing one, but I don’t trust that for some reason). Even though the release has been pushed back I honestly think they will see an amazing amount of players rushing to GW2 as soon as it’s released. GW boasts 6 million, I’m sure GW2 will beat that. My only worry is that ANet will do the stupid thing and drop the project, I would be one very disgruntled customer.

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