MMO Lexicon: Il Buono

This will be a three part series on MMO lexicon.  First, the good.  The lexicon that works, and is incorporated seamlessly into our daily speak.  These are words that every MMO gamer should know, regardless of game.  These suckers ride into town with their flat-brimmed hat and clear up any misconceptions.

mob: an AI-controlled enemy or entity. “I have to go kill 10 mobs.”

The term “mob” is a glorious amalgamated duct-tape word for MMO players.  It comes from MUDs, where it was used to define a mobile monster on patrol across various rooms.  I have heard it used to define a single Monster Or Beast or a whole group of killable creatures (a mob of mobs).  Coming along as a tabletop roleplayer, I prefer “NPC” (non-player character) to “mob” because it covers any creature played by the AI.  “Mob” usually more narrowly defines things that are part of the universal loot pinata.

BoP: bind on pickup, the item is not tradable after being picked up.  See also BoE (bind on equip) or the inferior BoA (bind on acquire).  “Those sheets of toilet paper are BoP.”

BoP is one of my favorite MMO terms.  It’s just fun to say.  It’s kind of feels like the happy hardcore term for MMOs.  I can just imagine a kooky Japanese commercial girl telling me the epic sword is BoP.  Ok, back to reality.  BoP is something that all gamers should be aware of when gaming in groups.  Once the item is picked up, it can’t be traded to the person that ‘should have’ received it.

kiting: an advanced tactic where an enemy (NPC or player) follows a constantly moving player during a fight.  “I solo’d The Old One by kiting it for 4 hours.”

Kiting is one of the most descriptive terms created for MMOs.  The tactical concept is immediately identifiable by the term.  I learned this term initially from Guild Wars, where kiting in PvP is absolutely crucial for some professions.  It is a tough skill to learn, but in certain games it can allow players to beat mobs not meant for their level.

grapes: a rare item, usually denoted by a purple-colored item name.  “I would rather get grapes than all this trash.”

This is not a common term, but it is one my favorites.  It usually only applies in games where rare items will have, dare I say, standardized purple-colored iten names: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Warhammer Online to name a few.  Usually the terms “rares” and “epics” hold more weight, and so they are more widely used.  I still like “grapes” to denote items, and will use this platform to further that agenda.

calls a rabbit a smeerp

14 thoughts on “MMO Lexicon: Il Buono”

  1. Ah, but “grapes” busts up the nice alliteration of “pretty purple pixels”… maybe “gratuitous grapes”? “Grandiose grapes”? “Goofy grapes”?

    …silly smeerps.

  2. Never heard ‘grapes’ before. funny. and i didnt know mob either. i think my INT just went up 1 point. Yay!
    (woot for juicy grapes!)

  3. NPC is technically correct but I am used to address non attackable entities as NPCs, like quest givers for example. Mobs are the stuff you kill and loot yarr!

    Never heard grapes before either, I call them shinies! :P

    But then I grew up in EQ2 and will never get used to “boss” instead of “named” and sometimes WoWers even get confused when you remove the o from aoe. “AE? What’s that?” *sighs*

  4. I’ve never heard of grapes, either. I’ve played pretty much every MMO other than WoW- maybe it originated there.

  5. I’ve not heard the term ‘grapes’ either .. but I have heard ‘plums’ used, sometimes even as “professor plums”.

  6. I’ve played pretty much every major MMO out there at some point and I’ve never heard ‘grapes’ used either. That sort of breaks with your topic, which is supposed to be about the really common terms. I think you just made ‘grapes’ up ;) Also note that in some games the middle of that term would be filtered.

    The rest are good though.

  7. rulez: If you had fat fingered as many stupid deaths as I did in EQ by accidentally attacking shopkeepers and guards, you’d probably be more comfortable with the lack of distinction between “NPC” and “mob.”

  8. so would having young women peel grapes for you and feed them to you as you recline on a couch be like totally grapes?

  9. MOB also stands for “Mother of the Bride” which may be appropriate as well, and in fact may be the true source of the term:

    ogre that will chew you up and spit you out
    mother in law

    yeah I can see it.

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