Skill Training Complete

I accepted a 5-day “welcome back” offer to EVE Online. It might take me five days to figure out where I am and what is going on.

I have about 8 million skill points. I was feeling pretty good about that, until the new (since I last played) Certificates showed me what a newb I am. I have 4 certificates, two of them in Drones. But I am a newb flying an Iteron V, darn it.

(For the curious, that is 2.7 million in Spaceship Command, 2.2 in Learning, 1.6 in Drones, .6 in Engineering, .5 in Social, and the rest scattered.)

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Skill Training Complete”

  1. Don’t feel bad about the certs. You need some pretty stupid skills to get most of them. If you pull up the planner though there should be a large pile that you’re rather close to.

    Try having over 40m SP and getting only 2 dozen certs…

    Anyway, welcome back to EVE! Fly safe!

  2. Yeah certs are pretty frivolous – I guess they give some direction to newer players but it doesn’t seem all that useful. In any case, 8mil skillpoints is nothing to sneeze at.

    Since your only back for 5 days can I make a suggestion? Go shoot someone! Don’t look at a mission, don’t look at an asteroid or a belt rat – just fit up a cruiser, find some other players to fly with (joining an established pirate corp is a good idea here) and go out and do some PVP.

    Feel free to look me up in game (Raelyf) if you want help or advice.
    Welcome back – Goodluck and fly safe.

  3. Why when ever I talk about we need a skill Q, no one agrees with me?

    I like the certificates and all but I played EVE for 2 years and half of those days I had to change a skill/log in to do it 1 to 5 times every single day, and now I’m going to try getting cert’s done?

    EVE is awesome but this is like a ball and chain, it’s nt’s, if I ever play again I’m going to just stick with the skills I got and that will just have to be enough.

    I’ll just pick the longest skill I can train whether I need it or not, or nothing at all like I’m doing now. I rufuse to be chained to my EVE characters skill tree even when I’m not really playing that day or houre for that matter for goodness sakes.

    P.S. great blog :)

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