Guild Wars 2 Crumbs Follow-Up

Regina Buenaobra, one of ArenaNet’s Community Managers, took some time to clarify an ethereal post I wrote about the crumbs of Guild Wars 2 information found in the stockholder’s conference call.

The Kill Ten Rats / Massively posts make it appear as if NCsoft has a lot of direction over our marketing strategy, when this isn’t the case at all. The GW2 marketing strategy is determined by ArenaNet, not by NCsoft. The formation of NCsoft West ensures that all studios owned by NCsoft have the freedom to determine their own marketing strategies, in fitting with what they think is best for the games that they develop. NCsoft developed Aion, therefore NCsoft is determining Aion’s marketing strategy. What ArenaNet decides to do with GW2 is independent of what NCsoft wants to do with Aion.

I find the clarification heartening, but for a different reason than the obvious.  To be honest, I have lost a lot of faith in NCSoft.  After Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa makes strike two, but my problem is not the death of the games.  Rather, it is how they lived and died.  I do not think either should have been a part of the $15 flatline from the start, and I definitely think that there were other options than shutdown.  Options that may have retained more consumer confidence, perhaps.

So, I remain in this fearful dichotomy of my favorite developer being corrupted by its Korean overlord.  Regina brings a kind of salve to this fear.   Especially if ArenaNet is further layered away from shareholders by NCWest.  Now, back to writing more so-called articles.

…a reasonable amount of trouble.

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  1. That is indeed encouraging that they are somewhat independent at least.

    That makes me wonder if Destination Games had the same level of independence, or if they were just pure development.

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