13 thoughts on “The Craft of War: BLIND”

  1. It is extremely good… but not technically machinema as it was clearly not made using the game itself, but instead all the models and textures exported into a real animation software, scripted and rendered. Its awesome, no doubt about it, but he stepped outside the game engine box to do it.

  2. Geez! The once I take time to visit KTR I get greeted with this kind of entertainment!

    Un-fricken-believable. It’s awesome, great and could be a beginning of an epic series.



  3. Very impressive, although to nitpick it’s more of an homage than machinima. The models (player and city) are from WoW, but the rest is rendered elsewhere (I’m guessing Maya).

    This is what WoW could look like with multiple source projected shadows and better quality animation. And mad ninja acrobatics.

  4. @Ravious: Well my picky definition probably isn’t canon. But it’d be impossible for in-game productions to match this quality.

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