Guild Wars – Not Really An Article

Gaile Gray, ArenaNet employee extraordinaire, stole a soapbox to stand on at the Guild Wars Wiki in order to explain why they ban 1000 (!) Guild Wars accounts per week for real money transactions (RMT).

Say the RMTer talks to 10 or 20 people in a day, and waves 100K gold or XX Ectos or a rare miniature in front of them. Some of those people “take the bait,” and then the RMTer tells the player some song and dance about how, to prevent them getting caught for the transaction, the company will “place the gold directly on the player’s account.” Most people reading this will say, “Yeah, sure they will!” and laugh, but surprisingly enough, some players believe it, and they turn over their account credentials. 

While I personally believe that most MMO blog readers (especially the highly intelligent Kill Ten Rats readers) “wouldn’t fall for that trick,”  it is amazing that this problem is so widespread.  Gaile has a great point that I usually forget to take in to consideration when thinking about the gold farming business: the phisher is doing this all day long.  Statistically, they will find that one born every minute.  Anyway, in the hopes of helping a little public service announcement I thought I might pass that on.

In other news, it seems the that the ArenaNet Community Team had a two week break for the holidays.  Could this be because they won’t be getting another long break for awhile due to upcoming projects?  Hopefully that flood wall breaks soon enough.

…and his Desert Eagle .50

8 thoughts on “Guild Wars – Not Really An Article”

  1. The cynic in me would like to point out that banning GW accounts is also pure profit. If they come back, cha ching. If they don’t, zero loss.

    But yea, it’s amazing how many people fall for RMT scams like that. Just a few days ago someone in my Atlantica guild was saying he was going to get gold put on his account, and sure enough, the site and service looked shady after we took a look. We told him it was a scam, and still he did not believe us, until more and more people told him he was going to get himself and his CC in trouble. He finally got a clue, but I’m sure plenty of other people don’t.

  2. Here is the part that makes me hate reading all Guild Wars posts…

    Could this be because they won’t be getting another long break for awhile due to upcoming projects? Hopefully that flood wall breaks soon enough.

    i.e: Guild Wars 2 gets mentioned, then I have to get all in a huff due to the fact it is STILL not even being discussed or being released.

    I WANT MY GW2!!!!

  3. Sounds to me like the trouble is the scam, not so much the RMT part. Sure, ArenaNet has decided RMT is illegal, so it is for them, but the villains here are the scammers who steal account data. RMT is just the bait.

  4. Definitely, Tesh. I guess I meant “why they ban” not for “why they ban accounts” but for “why they ban so damn many accounts.” Everytime I chat in Steam I laugh for the seemingly stupid ‘never ever ever give out your password ever,’ but I really wonder how many people per day still give out their Steam p/w via Steam chat.

  5. Indeed. It always scares me how many people buy into dumb stuff like this. It’s the same mentality behind those who forward emails without fact checking, or those who buy into the lottery. Common sense isn’t all that common.

  6. I won £2,500,000 on the lottery. Your right, common sense isnt all th.. nm.

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