Guild Polyamory

A quarter of your guild leaves the game because of a patch/new game/mass banning/whatever. Now you do not have enough people for the top raids, so another quarter of your guild leaves to join other guilds. Now there are half as many people in your guild, so it does not seem worth logging on as much, which starts the downward spiral until there is maybe one other person on. Players: how many times have you quit because of a shrinking number of guildmates/friends?

Developers: why do you not have multiple guilds? This is not even innovation; A Tale in the Desert launched in 2003, and most of that game was two coders. Doing so could have solved the guild problems that Burning Crusade created through something like this, which is how all major projects are done in A Tale in the Desert.

One guild might leave all at once for a new game. If you are in seven guilds, and at least four are staying, you have far more reasons to stick around.

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  1. Yeah, seriously, why hasn’t this idea been copied? A lot of MMOs would benefit from this. I can’t imagine how the ATITD community would have evolved if players could only be members of a single guild.

  2. Makes sense to me. Second Life does this also, allowing people to be in 20 or so ‘Groups’ at once (which are functionally equivalent to a more normal MMO Guild). While almost nothing like the usual MMO in most regards, it at least shows it’s possible from a database/character perspective!

  3. This used to be a big problem for GW IMO, because guild membership was per ACCOUNT, not per character. Went through a pretty painful guild breakup and slow, slow dissolve that might have been averted if the option to have multiple guilds was available.

    This was before that guild Guest system was implemented, of course. I’ve not played GW in… forever… so dunno how much that alleviates the problem.

  4. Why join multiple guilds? Why not merge guilds to form one giant guild when memberships drops off? Because guilds have different ideas of management…one guild might be all about end game, another power leveling, and still another might be into role playing. I just don’t think that would work when guild A needs you for a run on Tuesday and Guild B needs you that same night, how can you decide which one to go with and still be loyal to the other?

    Guilds just need to do what servers do when population is down, they need to merge.

  5. I’m still waiting for games like WoW to separate character/login servers from play servers. Nothing sucks more than making new friends in real life who play the same game you do only to find you can’t play together because you chose different servers back before you knew each other existed.

  6. how can you decide which one to go with and still be loyal to the other?

    Scheduling. Raids and even RP events are always scheduled in advance. The only thing you have to worry about is last minute things. Then you just do what you want.

    Think about it like your real life circles of friends. You can pick other friends to hang out with on a certain night and they won’t be upset. If someone called you up and said “let’s do x” and you say “I made plans” they are not going to get all nuts on you. (though if you cancel say your regular volley ball meet – like cancelling a raid – to go out they might be upset).

    Guilds can be just that, actually it would probably increase the number of guilds that have fewer functions.

    Heck right now on most of my chars I have about 8 or 9 permanent chat channels for all the groups or alliances I am a part of. To give all those channels the benefits of guild organization and tools would make it all cleaner and easier to deal with.

  7. Or guild leaders can’t stop worrying about running guilds that only raid, and go out and find people that enjoy doing SOMETHING else besides the same content week after week.

    In other words, balance raiding with social activities.

    Get people that enjoy that type of thing.

    Raiding guilds will always have issues like this, it is the fickle nature of the raider. If the raid isn’t progressing fast enough, or if they get spurned for a weapon they REALLY wanted, they leave.

    Fix loot lust, and you got it right. Until then, raiding guilds and guilds that mostly concentrate on raiding will always fail at some point, unless they are known as THE raiding guild. Then, just their size will keep a constant stream of players coming in and out, like a crappy job! lol


  8. Why even have a mechanic for guilds? Why not make more use out of in game factions and gathering areas?

    Remove the guild tags and have people figure out which faction you’re associated with by what you’re wearing or actually having to ask you (if you’re not wearing any identifiable heraldry).

    People that like each other and get along well can figure out a means of gathering. Heck, people might actually hang out at Inns until others arrive or something.

    (Of course, that will never fly because we like things too easy, we want to know things immediately with a glance and not need to ask anyone.)

  9. FFXI does have multiple guilds, in a fashion. You can create and join “linkshells”, which are really only chat channels, but serve the same purpose as guilds. Each one goes in your inventory or bank, and only one can be equipped at a time, but you can join as many as you can fit into your inv space.

  10. City of Heroes has something similar. Guilds are little more than aesthetic groups there with a few nice perks, while groups and raids are usually organized through Global Chat channels or large Coalitions. You can only run five of those, but that’s usually enough. Of course, most people treat the chat chans like concubines and the guilds like spouses, so it’s a similar issue.

    Practically, I’m not sure guild polygamy scales well. Some games it’d never work for — Perfect World, for example, emphasizes guilds for PvP, so the conflict there would be rather problematic, but likes PuG or friend-run instances, so it doesn’t need in in the first place. Tabula Rasa has a similar problem, and I’d expect most games with a guildbased rather than specie-based PVP would have the same concerns pop up.

    There’s also a reasonable concern about guild whoring. Places like WoW you can pretty easily see someone jump into a half-dozen guilds.

  11. What’s really the problem with being a member of a half-dozen guilds? If I were in a guild that was demanding more of my time than I was willing to provide, it wouldn’t matter whether I was a member of 10 other guilds or 0 other guilds. A bad fit is a bad fit.

    In ATITD you will easily find players in a dozen or more guilds. Some of these are guilds in the way we traditionally think of them where a group of people focus the majority of their effort and playtime. Others are formed so a few buddies can chat together, or to organize intra-guild or regional projects, and some focus on a particular in-game activity. Heck, there’s even the odd vanity guild that just has a goofy name.

    If a guild is just another tab on your chat panel, there’s no penalty. It increases the size of your social network and makes it easier to feel at home somewhere. That’s just the kind of thing that developers should want to encourage, since it’s what stops people from switching games. :)

  12. SmakenDahed brings up an interesting point. What if… you could not get into guild jsut by an invite, what if they were more like factions that your choices led you into. Then you would only end up with like minded people (assuming like minded people make similar decisions) It’s got originality and merit. In a simplistic way you could just go with good and evil but there is a kaleidoscope of factions you could make up.

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