Improving Your Game

I have discovered the problem: you are not doing enough of what I like. Your game would be much better if it were made more for me. Also, because that would make your game better, other people would like it more, so you would make more money.

Developers, please fix that.

Thank you.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Improving Your Game”

  1. If only developers would make the games as their hearts compel them to.

    The solution to please everyone? Just make more games.

    Trying too hard to please everyone? We get the same few games cloned repeatedly.

    Paradox crossroads just ahead.

  2. Paradox Crossroads is just down the road from Funding Forks — go this way and they’ll throw money at you, or that (more creative) way and you’ll end up in Cash Drought ghost town. Stargate Worlds might know a little about that, I suspect.

  3. Do you think it’s possible to make a quality niche MMO for under $1M these days? $2-3M? Okay, how about $5M? I really have no idea, but I think that would be the way to go, as Rog says.

  4. It depends on how you define “quality”. If it’s bleeding edge graphics and bloody physics-based gameplay, probably not. If you’re happy with spectacular gameplay first and foremost, then yes, $1M is plenty.

    I do wonder how much Love (the one-man dev team MMO) is going to wind up costing.

  5. Dear Developer,

    And while you’re at it, I don’t mind if you completely neglect all this other stuff you have in the game. I’m pretty sure that only the hardest of the hardcore play that anyway, so please direct all of your resources toward the systems where I spend my 40 hours a week playing.

    If you don’t, it’s a slap in the face and I’m going to quit your game.

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