Rooftop Running

I think one of my favorite things to do in an MMO is get up on the top of buildings. So when I see something like Bree in Lord of the Rings Online, I go crazy trying to find a way to get on the roofs.

Anyone else have this obsession?

– Ethic

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  1. I dunno, I kinda got my rooftop needs met with Assassin’s Creed and I’ll probably get some more out of Mirror’s Edge. This is one activity that isn’t really an MMO thing for me. Mind you, if someone ever does create a good stealthy MMORPG, that’d be a whole other story.

  2. Oh, yes. I remember figuring out how to use the low-level jumping powers in City of Heroes to clamber up the sides of buildings, eventually figuring out how to climb most of the various sorts of skyscrapers.

    I wish WoW had been more climbable.

  3. For me, part of the whole process involves the enjoyment of having other people on the ground asking you how you got up there. That is why it is an MMO thing for me. Although, I have been very tempted to get Assassin’s Creed just because of the rooftops.

    I can spend hours running around Bree trying to get onto the rooftops. I found a table by a low roof the other day and thought I had hit the jackpot, but it did not allow me to get up there.

    City of Heroes had that appeal, but once you can fly – getting onto the roof loses it’s appeal. Not much of a challenge any more.

    @Ian Aleksander Adams: Yeah the mountains do the same thing for me. I spend more time trying to find a shortcut over the mountains than it would have taken to go around them.

  4. Early in Asheron’s Call, that was a lot of fun at times. Once everyone has a couple hundred points of Jump, it gets less exciting.

  5. One day, MMOs will have an acrobatics skill, with the sole purpose of getting to places you’re not supposed to go. On that day, my life will be fulfilled.

  6. I remember getting up on a roof in Qeynos in EQ and making my way around the city only to get to one of the edges. To my surprise, I found that the sky was, in fact, an inverted fish bowl in shape, and I could see the rim from my vantage point. I wish I still had the screen shots.

    I like going where I should not go because I often get to see things I should not see. And while I don’t often go around trying to get on top of things these days, the moment I see somebody up where they probably shouldn’t be, I start trying myself.

  7. Always end up doing type of thing.
    From DAOC (with infrequent success) onwards.
    If it’s got a roof, I’m usually bounding around at the bottom trying to mantle my way up.

    Theres something inherently aloof about being above the rabble ;)

    Was the same in Oblivion.
    Fallout 3 too.
    Though Daggerfall? aw man.
    In that one you could cross whole towns without touching the floor :)

  8. I have the same obsession. In fact, I made a video about it with EQII a while back, and have a couple GB of footage on one of my hard drives at home.

  9. To get up onto the rooftops in Bree you have to first jump onto the upper door of the Scholar Stair’s Archives (the one next to the reflecting pool). To get up, you have to open the door, then close the door and while the door is closing, quickly jump onto it and then jump onto the roof to the left.

    Tadah! You’ve made it onto the rooftops!

    ~Stellavirgin of Brandywine

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