Quick Time Events

In my life, I have played one game with a “press x to not die” moment. (And that was a buggy flash game that also sucked for other reasons.) That was enough. My pity to the console gamers.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Quick Time Events”

  1. Oh, this is one of those “let the reader write my blog for me” type blogs? lol


  2. Dragon’s Lair… shudder. I loved seeing that game played well, but trying to *play* it was an exercise in annoyance.

  3. I’ve never liked QTE. It became big after God of War, and I think that’s because people were confusing the experience of taking down an epic monster with QTE — people think QTE is necessary for that sort of gameplay because they’ve never experienced it any other way.

    So what’s a better way?

  4. Resident Evil 4…Try this game using an Xbox controller on the PC, and remembering what you mapped to buttons 3 and 4 or 5 and 6.
    Many a death was to be had…

    But, hey it is still fun!

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