Why you need to play Braid

(it’s coming for PC on Q1 2009, or if you have an Xbox you can get it now from XBLA)

You need to play Braid because it’s beautiful. I don’t mean just visually – and it is a visual treat. I mean the whole package. It’s just a precious, beautiful gaming experience as a whole. Easily one of the most emotionally/intellectually rewarding games I’ve played in years, and that’s not a qualifier I throw around lightly. In these times of formulas, repetition and franchises, to find a game that challenges and engages you not because of its difficulty, but conceptually as a whole is rare. And to find it in the shape of, basically, a 2D platformer is just a miracle of design.

But it’s there, and it’s beautiful. Everything, from watercolor painting visuals, to its amazing soundtrack, its clever design and superb writing combines to make something unique.

Yes, there is life and original thought in today’s gaming. You can get it from XBLA for (I believe) $15 which is a steal for the experience you receive in return. Or it’s coming for PC soon. Whatever your case, this is not something you wanna miss. It’s smarter, more beautiful, more engaging, more thought-provoking and better designed than many, many of the games out there which took an army of people to make.

P.S.: Yes, I got a 360 for xmas. Games I’ve been playing: Rock Band 2 (which is awesome), Kung Fu Panda (which I stole from the kids because it’s great), Lego Indiana Jones (which is nice to look at but horrible to play, just like every other Lego game), and I’ve been beating the everliving crap out of the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Remix (which I love and I don’t care what you think).

4 thoughts on “Why you need to play Braid”

  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this game, so I was a little surprised when I sat down to play the demo and then after maybe 10 minutes deleted it from my Xbox. For my money I think that Auditorium (playauditorium.com) is much more ground-breaking and enjoyable.

  2. Mmm… Auditorium and Puzzle Fighter. (Swordfighting and Rumble in Puzzle Pirates are good spiritual successors to Puzzle Fighter.)

    I’d love to play Braid, but I don’t have the xBox. Maybe I’ll pick up a PC iteration someday.

  3. i cant get braid to work!
    when i try to start it on steam it goes black screen and error…
    pls help me!

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