Blizzard Authenticator Follow-up

The authenticator I ordered for my wife arrived recently and we set it up. It comes with a slip of paper with a web address to visit. When you go there, it asks you to log in and then you add the 10-digit code from the back of the device.

After that, every time you play World of Warcraft it asks for your normal password and follows with a box asking for the code from the authenticator. Press the button on it and enter the code. Log in and done. Couldn’t be more simple.

Wouldn’t complain if it had backlighting though.

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “Blizzard Authenticator Follow-up”

  1. One of my co-workers also had his account hacked recently, and also received an authenticator from Blizzard. He likes it, even if you have to make sure you have it on you whenever you want to play.

    I wonder how long it will be before they start shipping them with the game, or allow people to order them before their accounts are hacked in the first place.

  2. If it had backlighting, the battery would be empty earlier. Is there a way to change the battery, or is the thing sealed? I have an authenticator from my bank, and there is no way to even open it, so when the battery is flat, I have to go to my bank before I can use it again.

  3. That would be what I would want. Backlit with replaceable battery. Right now it is not designed to be replaced.

  4. But how do you know the number is still good if the battery died at some point? The thingy has to keep working continuously for the internal clock to keep ticking… unless it comes with an(other) internal battery.

  5. OK, what I really want is it to be designed in such a way that it is backlit *and* the battery lasts for 10 years *and* they give them away for free. Oh, I also want a pony.

    It works fine as is – just a little hard to see at times. At the price, I have no problem with it unless the battery dies in the next few weeks or something stupid.

  6. I don’t think it has to keep running (assuming the key embedded is in non volatile RAM), if it runs out and the battery can be replaced, it will still calculate the new code, each code does not depend on the code that came before, it’s just a hash of the current time plus whatever keys are inside

  7. Problem is, keeping track of time requires some power, even if it’s minimal. If the only battery the widget has is the replaceable one, you’ll lose anything that happened while you changed the battery.

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