Happy 2nd Birthday Vanguard: SOH

Sony Online Entertainment and Sigil Games Online today announced that the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be released to retail outlets across North America and Europe on January 30, 2007, for the suggested retail price of US$49.99. A limited edition is also available for a suggested retail price of US$89.99.

Currently in beta, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes features vibrant environments reminiscent of oil paintings, a robust character customization tool and three distinct spheres of advancement in a seamless world without zoning or instancing. The immersive fantasy world is comprised of three massive, uniquely-themed continents for players to discover new creatures, new items and unlimited adventure. Players have complete freedom to roam the world whether flying dragons to islands in the sky or riding swift steeds to exotic lands.

“We are excited about delivering an MMO with immersive gameplay features that bring new depth and fun to the genre,” said Brad McQuaid, CEO, Sigil Games Online. “Vanguard gives players the chance to live in a breathtaking world and try new things such as our diplomacy system and our unique approach to crafting. We’re proud to be delivering this level of great gameplay for years to come.”

“SOE is pleased to be working with Sigil to bring the eagerly anticipated Vanguard to fruition,” said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment, “Vanguard not only broadens our product portfolio in the online space, but will also be a welcomed addition to our already value packed all-in-one Station Access subscription line-up.”

Still alive.

Update: Good re-review and a free trial.

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Vanguard: SOH”

  1. Ah Ah Ah Ah
    Stayin’ alive
    Stayin’ alive
    Oh Ah Ah Ah Ah
    Stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiii-o-iiiiiiiii-o-iiiiiiive


  2. But there’s no sense crying
    Over every mistake.
    You just keep on trying
    Till you run out of cake.
    And the science gets done.
    And you make a neat gun
    For the people who are
    Still alive.

    I’m not even angry…
    I’m being so sincere right now-
    Even though you broke my heart,
    And killed me.

    And tore me to pieces.
    And threw every piece into a fire.
    As they burned it hurt because
    I was so happy for you!

    Now, these points of data
    Make a beautiful line.
    And we’re out of beta.
    We’re releasing on time!
    So i’m glad i got burned-
    Think of all the things we learned-
    For the people who are
    Still alive.

  3. I just played a few hours of the trial. It’s like a bad version of EQ2. When I logged off it removed my desktop background. Here is my final review: If you liked EQ2 but thought it was too fun, give Vanguard a try. Pass. Again.

  4. The only things I give Vanguard over EQ2 is a seamless world (well…sorta…”blocks”), reaction attacks, and “real” housing.

    My brother, a friend of his, and I went back to it a few months ago to give it a try. This was like right before some new patch was coming out. There were skills that still didn’t work right on characters and were useless, among other things. Things like that just turn me away. I dunno if that patch fixed anything major or not. We didn’t stay around long enough to find out. I suggested to them EQ2, but they didn’t really seem up to buying a new game.

    Played EQ2 briefly myself, but ultimately I regret coming into it so late due to it being hard to find any groups for lowbie content. Still, I loved every minute I played in it.

  5. I picked up the boxed version Vanguard a few months ago, hearing that it had been much improved, but that was a mistake. This game fails on more than just technical errors. It’s so tired and lifeless overall.

    I didn’t even bother writing a blog post about it. There’s just not much to say about a game that was so ugly I couldn’t feel compelled to play it.

    I’m sure there’s someone out there who likes it, but it isn’t me or anyone I know.

    I suppose SOE is making money from curious people like me, who expect it must have something if they’re still propping it up.

  6. That’s funny. I have played EQ2 and most every MMO out there. I think VG has the best PVE available. I used to play EQ2, but I find their classes to be monotonus and uninspiring. That game has devolved into something pretty boring. Most every class plays like the other, and one thing I think VG shines in is the class design. Yes, there are bugs and if you go crazy over any and every bug you find, VG wouldn’t be for you. But, I havent run into anything game-breaking. They have vastly improved performance and done tons of bug-squashing in the last couple of years, and continue to do so. The population is small but I think growing. I rarely have issues grouping up. The only issue I have is that the dev team is way too small. They are dedicated, but the game is too big for the small team, so new content and polish come out more slowly than many would like. I think overall it’s much better than it’s reputation. If you’re looking for something new in your MMO, you could do worse than trying out VG. Happy Anniversary :)

  7. I tried it again because my beta account was reactivated for the month of January. An hour was enough for me to tell not enough had changed.

    Every 10 minutes I had to use the /flush command because strange lines would appear across the screen and not go away as I moved.

    The UI for bards is still terrible. Biggest issue being you have to know the make macro command to put your created song on tool bar. The macro window allows you to pick from 1000 or so icons for your macro but you get to see only 1 at a time.

    Chank lines were better and I got a few more frames per second in the big port city but was still not enjoyable experience.

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