Mines of Moria™ Day 5: More Cleanup

I did a few quest chains from Echad Dunann. Yeah, not too exciting, but there are a bunch of quests and someone asked about Day 5.

I mostly spent time crafting, on my main and alts. There is a lot to pick up in Eregion, and I am finding myself with stacks of (processed) ancient iron, ancient silver, and black ash for my alts. None of them are using those materials yet, but it will be waiting when they get there. My real bottleneck is silver for my jeweler, which seems to be more expensive on the AH than ancient silver. I may finish mastering a tier by polishing gems.

Oh, and Ethic found me for the COW static group. Once I de-mule my Loremaster, I will join that party.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Mines of Moria™ Day 5: More Cleanup”

  1. Silver does seem to be the one resource you have to go out of your way to get. For some reason there’s not much in the lone lands, it’s concentrated in the Barrow Downs and NE Bree which is a beautiful place to farm but not someplace you are naturally brought by quests or travel routes. I’m not sure about North Downs, but ya, I’ve got the same bottle neck on my tinker.

  2. I’ve been finding a fair amount of silver on the west side of the North Downs. Not tons, but we haven’t run shy of it either.

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