Mines of Moria™ Day 7: Craft Festival

My latest adventure involved standing around The Shire. One of my farmers unlocked Supreme Farming (tier 6), and my cook unlocked Supreme Cooking.

Farming in Middle-earth is pretty dull. It involves lots of time chatting or going AFK. I read about 200 blog posts from my RSS feeds, made and ate dinner, had sex, did a load of laundry, and was still processing seeds. I ended up with a lot of berries and green onions.

Tier 6 cooking is odd. Tier 4, the Artisan tier, has things that sound like what a master chef would make. You brew fine ales, make Shire Rations (“While hobbits think of them as travel rations, the rest of the races of Middle-earth think of these as a mobile picnic.” Before being made cheaper, this included an entire roasted chicken as one ingredient.), the Stew of Kings, Marinated Chicken Cutlets, Honey-roasted Chicken, and Salted Beef Delights, to say nothing of preparing a full Large Feasting Table for your kin hall. Tier 5 goes further, with Ultimate Honeybrew, Lembas (elven waybread), Perfect Pies, Masterful Mash, and the Feast of Rohan.

Tier 6 cooking includes Bread and Jam, Dough, Cup of Red Tea, and Buttered Scone and Jam. I note that Buttered Scone and Jam is defined as “Trail Food,” can be prepared only over a campfire, and is the most powerful Might food in the game. Real Men eat scones. “Rack of Lamb with Mint Sauce” sounds suitably impressive, but you make hundreds of cakes and roast chickens to learn… Bread and Jam?

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Mines of Moria™ Day 7: Craft Festival”

  1. Well… it is a fairly short-term buff, right? Can’t beat the sugar-high for an immediate, short-term energy boost!

  2. You’re forgetting, Zubon, that the mighty British Empire was built by men fed on scones and jam and cups of tea ;)

  3. I find myself eating a lot more food in Moria than I remember from before. The short term healing buff from Rack of Lamb is a life saver when soloing.

  4. One of my kinmates maxed out her cooking. The first time she offered me “red tea” I was skeptical. However, the ginormous vitality buff convinced me. I try to carry some around at all times now.

    And grats on maxing out farming. I’ve never gotten it past tier II personally. I think it’s neat that LoTRO has farming available, fits the lore nicely. Unfortunately, it’s also just as boring as you would expect.

  5. Gwingris in Eregion has a daily quest (“pick up 8 leaves”) that gives 3 cups of Red Tea. I have been using them. I did not max out Supreme, just unlocked it, but a kin-mate was doing so at the same time. He got several of the leaves for advanced teas.

    Farming is that boring, but that is what windowed mode is for. Or a book.

  6. Hard to alt+tab out while farming though since you have to be there to click on each field to harvest them. Refining the seeds at the workbench? Sure, that’s when I queue up the lot and AFK on the 360 or something.

  7. Harvesting: queue up 3-4, windowed mode, have Firefox in a window small enough to see when you are done. Harvest. Repeat. My new widescreen monitor is a great boon for that.

  8. Well isn’t the mark of a great chef the ability to make great soup? Since soup is so easy, only a great chef can make soup great. I suppose in Middle Earth the same is true for bread and jam. Anyone can make bread and jam, but only the greatest of hobbit chefs can make a truly amazing bread and jam.

    In fact bread and jam is one of the quickfire challenges in Top Hobbit.

  9. Hey Zubon — you don’t seem to be enjoying much of LotRO. Every post I think I’ve read from you in the last 2+ weeks seems you’re pretty ambivalent about the whole game. Why continue?

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