Seven Favorites: Warhammer Online

Syp has suggested that we all write our seven favorite things about Warhammer Online. I think this is a great idea, because there is not enough positive thinking in the blogoshere. I think we should go beyond it: start with Warhammer Online, but post your seven favorite things about many games, every game you have ever played if you so wish, all the way back to Pong. I may stick with MMOs, but let’s run with this. My Warhammer experience goes only through tier 3, and went on haitus before the live events.

  1. Favorite Zone: Troll Country. For PvE, it was hard to beat a road lined with public quests, and few monsters in any game are more satisfying than trolls.
  2. Favorite Race: Dwarf. I had planned to go Greenskin, but I ended up switching sides due to population issues and annoyance with funetik dikshun. The Dwarf careers, I found, really suited me. My highest level character was an Engineer, followed by my Runepriest. I like turret pets, and I like the pure healer. I was not fond of the undignified mount.
  3. Favorite Career: Shaman. My MMO roles are DPS and support. Give me a healer who gets DPS buffs from healing and healing buffs from DPS? Excellent. I understand that Shamans and Archmages are still waiting on some rebalancing, but they were stellar in the lower tiers in the first month. Healing is big in tier one, and I played a lot of careers to level 12. Fear the green death ray.
  4. Favorite WAR Feature: Career mechanics. Every career has a toy that defines its theme: grudges, rituals, chants, stances, pets. For my Engineer, that turret was perhaps less defining than her gun and grenades, especially in PvP, but I like the idea. I still need to try The Chronicles of Spellborn, which does something similar for its classes. Second places goes to open groups, which is a good innovation, above and beyond the public quests that complement them.
  5. Favorite Skill: Acid Bomb. It is the Engineer’s instant-cast AE DoT, and I took the tactics to give me more range and AE. It was how I hit 100,000 damage per scenario in tier three. Grenadier was not the best path for single-target burst damage, but it softened up the entire other team so my teammates could kill them. Empty that enemy healer, keep him frantic with everyone in the yellow. This skill also played well in my favorite scenarios, which had piles of people hitting each other: AE skills like piles.
  6. Favorite Scenario: Gates of Ekrund. Nordenwatch was the more popular tier one scenario, but the Gates of Ekrund was basically the same thing on a smaller map that got everyone right into the fighting. It had multiple levels and back doors. I was also fond of Mourkain Temple for being the same plus the dude with the thing and Tor Anroc for being the same in a lava pit. I played scenarios to fight, dammit.
  7. Favorite Live Event: As an observer, that Halloween event looked pretty nice. Nice visual bits, and a good way to funnel people into the same ORvR area.

: Zubon

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  1. I like troll country too, definitely my favorite one… love dwarfs. don’t like shamans… Oh well, 2 outta three ain’t bad.

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