Seven Favorites: Lord of the Rings Online™

  1. Favorite Zone: North Downs. The different parts of the zone feel entirely different, from the normal plains you start on to the dead lands of Fornost to the sprawling orc camps of Dol Dinen. It is the battlefront zone, where the forces of Angmar meet the free peoples. It is literally the zone between Bree and Angmar, and you can see the enemy hordes starting to pour into the frontiers of civilized lands. It is the transition between shiny, green Bree and the enemy’s blackened lands, and the zone shares in the best of both.
  2. Favorite Race: Dwarf or Man. Out of four choices, these two are almost always the best. They notably have the best panic buttons (resistance, healing). Pick whichever is better suited to the class you want. I have ended up with more dwarves, so I will go with them.
  3. Favorite Class: Hunter. I spend a lot of time solo, and ranged DPS is good for that. I like the flexibility that the teleport skills provide. I have tried to get into other classes, even taking a Minstrel almost to the level cap before the cap was raised, but I have not put in the time to really try out the rest. In theory, I love the Captain, but mine is currently a mule.
  4. Favorite Feature: Fellowship skills. When you are in a group fighting against enemies that call for groups, you randomly get chances for everyone to call a color for damage or recovery. Coordinate well for bigger bonuses. Burglars can intentionally trigger these, so the rogue class is one of the most group-friendly.
  5. Favorite Skill: Guide to X. In a game with this much travel, being able to teleport around the map is invaluable.
  6. Favorite Instance: Carn Dum. I have yet to try the Moria ones, but Carn Dum is a fun (long) run with some interesting variety. I hope the tentacle fiend has been fully fixed.
  7. Favorite Book: Twelve. I cannot speak of the updates like “Month of the [Class]” and all the game updates, because I joined after that, but Book Twelve is the most fun to play through. It is entire group content, and it feels damn epic as you fight your way through the streets of the enemy city. I enjoy the fight to the gatehouse in Chapter Five, and there are three instances, all of which can be replayed via the Reflecting Pools. We are fighting for a to-be-reforged Ring of Power. Yes, this is Lord of the Rings.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Seven Favorites: Lord of the Rings Online™”

  1. Favourite Zone: From Shadows of Angmar I would agree about the North Downs. I fell I grew up as a Lotro player in that zone going from mainly solo play to mainly group play. It has so much variety. I haven’t picked my favourite zone from Moria yet. The sheer strangeness of the great delving was overwhelming at first so that probably had the most impact.

    Favourite Race: Dwarf for the racial traits and for having the best city in the game. I do envy that man-heal thing it seems to be an “I win” button on many occasions but I dislike the way that “man” seems to be an easy default option in just about every mmo.

    Favourite Class: I have only really played a champion so I can’t really comment. Champs are fun but hunters aren’t exactly a champs best friend. I tried grouping with hunters a few times and it was an exercise in frustration – hunter would kill mob at range before I could land a blow.

    Favourite Feature: Hmmm… hard to say. I like the outfits system that allows you to change the look of you character without changing your stats. I like the (new) quest book that makes it easy to see what quests people are on. I don’t know if this counts but I guess my favourite thing about the whole game is the epic quest line.

    Favourite skill. Sadly we Champions don’t have much in the way of utility skills. I guess my favourite skill has to be blade wall. A fast recharging frontal area of effect attack that does hefty damage to up to five targets in a 180 degree arc AND builds fervour when traited. The 180 degree limit means you can control where it goes to avoid hitting mezzed mobs. Its not a glamour skill but it is probably a Champions single most useful skill.

    Favourite Instance: Hm…I will always remember Weathertop because it was the first serious instance I did in Lotro and because of the strong connection with the books but I do have fond memories of late night Carn Dum runs. It was always late night because CD took so long.

    Favourite Book: I too loved book 12 – at the time it felt like was the most epic thing I had done in Lotro. The last chapter of book 15 is even tougher but the rest of book 15 is a yawn.

    Let me add another:

    Favourite Deed: Circle of Despair – this should have been a complete nightmare trying to visit all the spots in troll ridden Nan Gurth but I did it with a kinship group but I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time as we attempted one suicide run after another. The tone of the evening was set early on when one brave soul shouted out “follow me I know the way” and promptly led the entire fellowship over a cliff to plunge to their death.

  2. Shadow of Angmar

    1. Favorite Zone: The Ettenmoors. I’m a lite pvper but my favourite moment happened there. Its a good place to kill time too.
    2. Favorite Race: Men, pre-req for my favorite class. Good survivability skills too.
    3. Favorite Class: Captain, i just like the idea of a warrior-healer/buffer.
    4. Favorite Feature: Outfit was good, Fellowship maneuver too.
    5. Favorite Skill: Last Stand / In Harm Way combo is a good skill combo (the best in the game). Noble Mark to leech kills in pvp was a must.
    6. Favorite Instance: Barad Gularan and Carn Dum.
    7. Favorite Book: Last chapter of Book 15.

    Mines of Moria

    1. Favorite Zone: Foundation of Stone.
    2. Favorite Race: Still Men, but like Dwarf too (i just rolled a champ).
    3. Favorite Class: Captain (even more with the new stuff)
    4. Favorite Feature: most of moria new feature (LI, Solo Instance, Hardmode instances, etc..)
    5. Favorite Skill: Epic Valiant Strike.
    6. Favorite Instance: 16th Hall
    7. Favorite Book: I like volume2, books 1, 3, 4 and 6. The session play where you play Ori is the favourite.

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