Guild Wars 2 – Ripples from Friday

After the shareholder’s report released Friday, there were many interesting things that happened through the Guild Wars community and news sites.

The first thing I found really interesting was the disregard for Aion.  The report gave us a fairly tight window for a U.S. release of the MMO.  Massively left Aion out of the subject line but mentioned Guild Wars 2 in the subject line and used the Guild Wars 2 logo in the post.  Ten Ton Hammer also overlooked Aion’s release window and focused on the Guild Wars 2 “delay.”  I think this should be pretty telling about NCSoft’s 2009 offering.  Aion marketing has their work cut out for the western world.

The second thing of interest was the an open letter from Mike O’Brien, Guild Wars 2 overlord, in direct response to the community reaction caused by the released report.  He stated that Guild Wars 2 would be released “when it’s done.”

I think it was a good letter, and is smoothing over the reality that Guild Wars 2 is not really on the horizon yet.  It is on Valve-time.  I am really happy that ArenaNet is in a position to seemingly afford such a luxury.  Guild Wars Factions, Nightfall, and especially Eye of the North were on very tight development schedules, and the feeling of a rushed schedule came through sometimes (even though some were outright delayed).  What would the series have been like if ArenaNet was on Valve-time from the start? I digress…

However, this was not what we were led to expect with Guild Wars 2.  Somewhere ArenaNet shifted gears into a long development time, and they forgot to make sure their community was on board.  All we knew was that the originally stated plan was out the window.  I think what Chris Chung said in the conference call and Mike O’Brien’s letter are definitely smoothing out that gear shift.

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5 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 – Ripples from Friday”

  1. What I found interesting about the open letter was the statement:

    “Our team continues to grow, and has the strong support and financial backing we need to achieve our goal of making Guild Wars 2 the best online role-playing game ever created”

    So where does that leave Aion?

  2. Not much to add but agreement. They cranked out expansions faster than seemed sane. Given the price structure, it seems they had little choice. However, what astounded me was how hard they nailed every expansion. Save for the most recent, each expansion improved the game in ways that were obvious and hard to dispute.

    Many MMOs that suck down sub fees every month haven’t been as consistently on target with paid expansions as the GW devs were with their “charge only for the box” MMO. At least until they went to the moon and started making socks…or whatever they are doing up there.

  3. @Crimson Starfire: Exactly, I hope NCSoft isn’t spending too much money bringing Aion over. I guess it will probably get the usual WoW tourists, but I can’t see it doing any better than L2 has in the west.

  4. Aion will be NCSoft’s big game for the Eastern market and GW2 the big one for the Western market.

    Aion will be released here, but I think they will probably keep it much on a grassroots marketing level. I have my doubts that Aion will do well here if it is a subscription-based game, but I think may do a bit better than L2.

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