Mines of Moria™ Day 9: Runekeeper

Just toss the lore and IP right out the window. Because The Lord of the Rings would be that much cooler if Gandalf had thrown fireballs and lightning bolts. It is a neat little class, but what is it doing in The Lord of the Rings Online™?

This is based entirely on the appearance and what the character is doing. At level 8, I cannot say much about the class as gameplay (although fun so far), but I am already throwing lightning, summoning fire, and freezing things. Pointing a rock at the enemy and gesturing emphatically seems to be key here. I also back-hand monsters instead of carrying a weapon.

The graphics have been tuned down from the beta Sith lords, a visual so out of place in Tolkien that they sent the community manager to say it was okay because the promotional screenshots were not representative of actual gameplay. Despite that, you start every fight with a gout of flame, and at level 6 you can summon a bolt of lightning to strike your foes (underground, sir dwarf), in addition to the two electrical attacks you already have. They also summon shoulder-high healing rocks. I wish I could tell you about their higher level flashiness, but the only time I have grouped with one, we also had a Loremaster, so there were competing fireworks.

My Hunter had wondered why Eregion looked like it was having flashing lights all the time: there was a Runekeeper one hill over. Seriously, I thought the in-game lighting might have been broken in part of the zone.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Mines of Moria™ Day 9: Runekeeper”

  1. I have mixed feelings about the Runekeeper. I’ve played one into the teens, and it’s a fun and fairly innovative class design. Runic magic and the power of words are also pretty important in Tolkien’s lore. And finally, we really badly needed another primary healing class. There are never enough Minnies to go around, it is easier to get balanced PuGs going now.

    However, they also are far too flashy at low levels. It makes them seem utterly out of place in the setting. Loremasters have always stretched the lore in my mind. By level 20 or so a LM is a flashy character; fireballs (technically flaming pine-cones), beams of light from the sky and such. Runekeepers take it even farther, they play practically like you would expect Raiden or that guy from Big Trouble in Little China to play. It’s a bit silly.

    So yeah, I kind of go back and forth on them. I will say that by the time you get into the Mines for some reason they seem less out of place. I think it’s the really restrained early zones where they are most jarring.

  2. I’m in the same boat, Yeebo. Turbine really did need to add another healing class, and I think they did a pretty good job of sticking to the underlying idea that Tolkien had of the power of words. I suppose they could have gone with more of a straight healing class like an herbalist or something similar, but I doubt that would be any more popular than Minstrels. Needed something that could solo.

    Overall I’m slightly more happy than unhappy about it. My main complaint is with the sound effects for the first two electrical spells. I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle that noise for 52 more levels.

  3. They’re toning down the sound effects for Book 7, which is a good thing.

    I believe you’re actually smacking enemies with the rune when doing melee hits. It looks like it, anyway lol.

  4. I’m happy they’re addressing that sound. I really shouldn’t be surprised since the same thing happened a few books back when they changed the horse summoning sound to a pretty annoying whistle before toning it down a few weeks later.

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