I’ve been tagged by Ysharros over at Stylish Corpse to post my sixth screen shot so I looked into my storage drive to see what was there. Asheron’s Call 2? Dungeons & Dragons Online? EVE Online? Nah.

I decided to go with my World of Warcraft folder because the 6th image in there comes right out of the end of beta event and includes three Magmadars in a place where they just don’t belong. Without any further rambling, here it is.

This is a tag-free post so relax. You may pretend I tagged you if you want to play along.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “6”

  1. I call shenanigans, that’s not WoW. No space goats, no neon glows, and everything in the landscape looks WAY too much like Warcraft 3. Nice try though…

  2. That’s excellent!

    There were infernals, or something similar, wreaking havoc in Stormwind at about the same time. No one seemed too bothered about, simply dancing their naked cares away.

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