It’s True!

I am not hardcore enough for Darkfall Online.

Then again, I wasn’t hardcore enough for Everquest the second (or, as those of us in the know liked to call it, EQ’s sequel) because I thought that sitting around for 3 hours for a quest spawn was just a little bit of a waste of my time. Not that it didn’t stop me doing that in Star Wars: Galaxies I hasten to add. That damned Corellian Corvette on the Master Pilot mission was mine several times.

But Darkfall Online? No – definitely not hardcore enough.

I’d QQ more but, honestly, first I’m just gonna have to go right ahead and start caring.

It’s not that I’m against PvP per se – after all, this time 12 years ago I could be found getting my arse kicked on Quakeworld servers all over Europe – it’s just, you know, I like fun. At which point I get flamed about not having ever tried DFO and therefore I can’t possibly know what fun chasing someone down for 30 minutes in order to kill them and find out that they have absolutely no loot whatsoever on their body actually is.

My journalistic integrity should get the better of me and force me to admit that it’s unfair of me to pre-judge a game that released yesterday before I slander it. There are two problems though: firstly, I’m not a journalist nor do I pretend to be one. At best I’m a blogger (or, as we europeans like to refer to them, a tosser blohgeur) and at worst, I’m just this guy, you know. The second problem is that it’s currently 0:45GMT here in the UK and according to the Darkfall Online website, I can still apply to be in the beta. Is it live? I don’t know – let’s have a look at the forums:

We’ve been waiting for the pre-orders to process through billing and it has been moving along but not fast enough. We’re almost done with this. Many of you will be getting notifications of this during this process. As soon as this is concluded we’ll process the accounts and open up the servers for the pre-orders. This will be done tonight; the game has been ready and waiting.

There’s no date on that quote so I’m going to assume it’s the 25th – the revised date of release. Which means that it’ll be open on the 26th which is, apparently,

around the time of our first scheduled maintenance.

So that’s okay then. Perhaps that will be the miracle patch that fixes some of what’s missing from the game like, so I’m led to believe, the “fun”.

Sorry, I’m still taking potshots at a game which is obviously not designed for me. I’m a WoW player these days. Neither hardcore, dedicated or serious about gaming or something. I like my games predictable, contained, cartoony, and stable.

To those of you have pre-ordered this raptor-riding robot Jesus of an MMO, however, I’d just like to pass on this message:

At this time we will also process the problematic accounts which had 0 euro problems, no charges, no balance, but received a successful pre-order message. We are also looking into the few cases that have pre-ordered but have not received a confirmation email and we will resolve all these issues. Most of these problems were due to a combination of lag, multiple sessions, and multiple charge attempts.

Yup, I’m also not hardcore enough to not worry about the apparent lack of professionalisim and efficiency from a company I give my credit card details to.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come to terms with my lack of hardcore-manship and be able to live with myself.


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  1. I’m pulling for the boys at Aventurine. It’s not over yet.

    A little more effort and they just may pull off the worst MMO launch in forever.

  2. All of which means absolutely nothing if the game is great.

    We need not recount the tale of each MMO that had a horrible launch yet managed hundreds of thousands of subscribers, even 11.5 million, all to have been forgotten or mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

  3. “I’d QQ more but, honestly, first I’m just gonna have to go right ahead and start caring.”

    You did QQ more. A lot more. Like the proverbial little piggy, you should probably continue to QQQQQQQ all the way home (to WoW).

    P.S. I’m not going to buy Darkfall.

  4. I know that you hate WOW with a burning passion, Keen, but I’m going to have to go with the snarky response here: the servers have to actually have come online for there to be a 2000 player queue.

  5. There is where you are wrong. I think WoW is a fantastic game. It’s when the game ends, at the max level, and the meta game begins that the game tanks and brings down with it the entire genre. “Hate with a burning passion” is just a tad too strong.

    Oh, and the server is up. ;)

  6. All of which means absolutely nothing if the game is great.

    Of course not. But might I suggest that’s a very big “if”. Even those games which have had dodgy launches have actually launched on time. They’ve also been able to process payments correctly and provide decent communication to the users.

    While in theory I respect what Aventurine are trying to do, I find myself unable to take a company seriously that can’t even sort out it’s homepage to display any information about the release date, the current status of the game or how I might go about buying a copy of the game. If I were to want one. As I alluded to, they have certainly done nothing so far that would encourage me to pass over my credit card details to them.

    You did QQ more. A lot more. Like the proverbial little piggy, you should probably continue to QQQQQQQ all the way home (to WoW).

    I don’t even know what this means.

  7. I actually see a worse affair here than AoC. Funcom may suck, but wow, these guys really are amateurs.
    I would have given up after year 8 myself.

  8. To summarize launch day:

    Servers down
    Website down
    Patcher down
    Forums down
    Patcher being patched
    Multiple/no/accidental charges

    Guys, this isn’t an MMO. It’s an experiment to see the limits of fanaticism.

  9. this service?

    this game?

    this nightmare?

    Cue Darkfall, a fantasy MMO seven years in the making and they cannot even get a server running on release night, it doesn’t bode well.

    I’ve just got a new box and haven’t re-installed WoW so as to break a four year habit [I’m weak willed] but I cannot find anything on the shelves worth paying for, so I’m trolling the blogs & forums at the mo…

  10. Right, sorry – thought you were asking if we were paying for my late night drunken ramblings.

    No, I’m not paying for this but apparently some people are. When I asked a former guildie why he was thinking of paying for it, he shrugged and said “Why not? I’m still paying for 4 UO accounts.”

    Well, I imagine he shrugged. It’s the sort of statement that would be preceded by a shrug.

    Personally I’m currently paying for EVE again. Or was just paying for it as I’m imminently moving jobs again so will be not playing for a while.

  11. I don’t understand why more companies don’t outsource payments. Hell I worked at a major retailer and even they outsource a lot. If it’s not your core competency then why are you wasting your precious few resources on it? Especially when another company can do it a lot better and actually make you look professional.

  12. I dunno, I’m still looking forward to playing. (Lets admit it, there aren’t too many non-level based MMORPGs out there.) I’m not saying Darkfall’s launch hasn’t been a failure in just about every possible way or that Aventurine doesn’t reek of inexperience. But the bumps it’s had aren’t the end of the world.

  13. /quote
    But the bumps it’s had aren’t the end of the world.

    While I agree with your sentiment it doesn’t really encourage most of us to part with hard earned cash.

    What I was interested in was the “new” style of gaming they promised, so that we could break away from grinding and the mad rush to the top of the level charts, unfortunately hardware stability isn’t connected to this approach but an oversight in management…

  14. I’m pretty sure they did outsource the billing system to a greek company called Atcom. I think the problem is that they just did not have funds available to be able to launch the game with the necessary billing infrastructure or even server capacity.

    I finally got the game yesterday and started playing. I played the closed beta as well. The game itself is fine, I had to wait in a queue to login but the game didn’t crash, wasn’t laggy (100ms ping to the EU server from the East Coast USA). I got PK’d twice in the starting goblin area but still managed to upgrade my newbie weapon to a polearm, buy a staff for spellcasting and even got the mats for my first mount (just need a guildmate to tame one for me now).

    All in all the game is fun, and I hope it succeeds.

  15. O man i agree with you 100%, Minus the hardcore aspect which draws me to it >_<.

    Ok to start off you are so right. I had this game’s main page added to favorites for about a year i think. I would some times see changes on the page but nothing that said hey we are live. What i did see was things like “First glance” stuff like that that made me think “Omg just release already”. Little did i know the game had already been released and i found it by seeing some people talk about it in another mmo. I rushed to the site and was like wtf it aint released yet they lied.

    So i went to the fourms and found it was, i was shocked! I looked around for the download options (NONE) i ended up finding a old post with details on how to Download the game so i did. Then i found out i had to be on at 3:00PM there time to buy a sub.
    I took a moment to understand what was going on and how pathetic this all really was, i just walked away.

    So sorry I typed so much, I thought I was alone on this topic glade to see you choose to speak up about this.

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